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For the front lawn at our home, I chose and planted a healthy young magnolia tree especially for Bev to enjoy. This was about 20 years ago.

The tree grew fast at first, showing the brilliance of those dark green leaves and producing awesome white blossoms with golden stamens. I felt so good about my wife driving by that tree daily while going and coming to and from our house.

But…last year the leaves began to look pale and the top part of the tree began drop more leaves than it produced. My heart started to panic, especially after taking some of the branches and leaves to an expert nurseryman in town. He said the severe drought we had a few years ago caused damage to magnolias all over town.

He said the roots were damaged by the drought and it would take the very best of treatment to save the tree. Magnolias need more iron and other minerals than some other trees. He also said magnolias have roots near the surface of the soil and they need a lot of water. He prescribed treating the soil with iron, rebuilding the soil at the base of the tree and good watering for the future. My hope began to soar.

The parallel to our human condition is amazing. A drought of the water of the word of God can damage your spiritual life. But you can regain your spiritual health by adding not only hearing the word but also reading, studying meditating upon it.

Finally getting connected to other members of the body of Christ and to the Lord Himself will save your life and add joyful years of happiness and fulfillment. You will be amazed at the wonder of God’s riches that have been waiting for you. Help yourself to them! They are God’s gift to you.