Starting “Bonfires of Revival” in Willing Hearts

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Upcoming Meetings
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 Meetings in Austin (Friday, February 28) and Milano (Sunday, March 2)

 Austin – Friday, February 28. 7:00 PM. Meeting in the home of Ray and Kayla Walter, 1500 High Lonesome, Leander, TX 78041 (just west of Cedar Park). Home phone: 512-986-7595.  You should plan to arrive early, around 6:30, as seating is limited.

Milano – Sunday, March 2. 10:00 AM. The Master’s Gateway Church. Located on Hwy 79, on top of the hill at the corner of Hwy 79 East & FM 3242. Pastor Ross Cunningham’s Phone 979-450-0891.

Pray for the meetings and come see us: God is prepared to heal the sick. Come in faith believing and expecting. Miracles will occur.

WHY ARE WE HAVING THESE MEETINGS? The “Bonfires of Revival” message was revealed to Bev and Ras in Hunt, TX in 1974!!!  In every place we have preached, taught or shared this vision, God has come and inhabited people and places. The two chosen places for the meetings this time are Austin and Milano, TX. The atmosphere in both places has been and is being prepared for a “Bonfires of Revival” experience.

The questions are: “Do we care enough and are we willing to start “Bonfires of Revival” in Central Texas? Would you be willing to be the “kindling” to start the fire? How about being “log of sustaining revival?” And finally, would you be willing to stoke the coals and let the Holy Spirit blow until the “Bonfires of Revival” explode in holy flames into these and other locations?

  1. I am one who would like to be the kindling in this area of Kentucky. God once gave me a word that I was a ‘firebrand’ so whether I am a log, kindling, or a firebrand; I make myself available for Him to use in whatever way He chooses. God bless you in all your meetings; I know He will be showing up in power! 🙂


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