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“If You Only Knew!” Think of a child standing in front of you whose eyes are telling you that she needs you. The eyes sparkle with delight. The smile disarms you. God speaks to you. He wants you to see to it that this child escapes the shackles of poverty, is brought to Christ and properly educated for the future.

All this is possible by becoming a “Food for Learning” Partner or “Child Sponsor” with FCM. We challenge you to join with us and make a difference.

“If you only knew what it was like for these children in the Philippines!” then you would gladly join our team of partners for changing the lives of the children.

“Feed Hungry Children” 

My wife, Bev, and I have donated a gift of $200. We challenge you to match our donation x1, x2 or even x10. A gift of $200 matches our gift; $400 doubles it. Earlier this week, we committed to giving $20 per month. Our $200 is one time gift at this point.

“Children who are hungry don’t do well in school,” the teachers and pastors tell us often. We believe God has told us a cycle of poverty can be broken with the children He gives us to sponsor, but they need that education. Too often a child will not even go to school if he is hungry and there is no food. Maybe there was no supper and no breakfast or lunch. It is impossible for most of us to know how that would feel.

We believe God has told us He will help us make sure the children He has given us have food every day. We are able now to feed them once or twice a week, but that is not enough. Our desire is to give a simple breakfast and lunch every school day to the sponsored children and their siblings (how can you tell a little sister she cannot eat because she is not sponsored?). Then to provide a good vitamin-enriched meal on the weekend.

The cost to do that varies by location, but an average is $20 per month per child — less than $1 a day! Would you like to help us make sure the children have the food they need?

Please be our “Food for Learning” Partner. God will show you how much. Just do it.

To give for food for the children, go to Feed the Children or if you wish to sponsor a child’s education go to Sponsor A Child.