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Although I can’t reveal the little  boy’s full identity, I can tell you his name is Bobbie.  His grandfather is a spiritual son of mine over the full eleven years we have been in the Philippines.  This grandfather has laid down his life for the poorest of the poor children for all the years I have known him.

This is why I thought I would just try to cover the cost myself.  Our FCM team agreed.  But then I believe the Lord told me there are partners, friends and family who might like to stand with me for “Bobbie’s” life.

Here is today’s post for you to read again before you pray.

October 16, 2011. If we ever stood firm, this is a good time. I am standing firm with a person so important to me. This is a mission pastor whose grandson was born with a hole in his heart. At nine years old and without surgery he is expected to live to be about 18. With surgery, he can expect to live to age 50 or more. Even with free surgery and hospital costs, the remaining costs are beyond reach for this pastor. My immediate response was to sacrifice all and help. And then I thought there might be others who want to stand firm on this one with me. We stand ready to do it all if necessary. Will you pray and stand with me?

 1 Peter 5:9 (NLT) “Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember thatyour Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.”  Ras Robinson

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Giving A Christmas to Remember

Children in Philippines received Christmas gifts and food last year.  You can be part of blessing them this year.  See below

This could be a special Christmas for you as well as the sponsored children.  Someone said a few days ago they would give to the children the same amount they plan to spend on Christmas this year for their own family.  What an awesome way to make Christmas special.  I believe it brought a smile to the face of Jesus.  Jesus loves children and is pleased when we love them and bless them.

Would you be willing to give a gift to a child who might not receive anything for Christmas?  Some of our children have never received a gift for Christmas or even any special food to eat on that most special of days.

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Go to Christmas for Kids to give a gift of blessing to the poorest of the poor.  You will be blessed.