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Come close to the Father today.  Let Him smell your clothing.  Dare to be intimate with Him.  The Lord wants to know you better, even though He already knows everything about you.  I pray that you will be humble but bold to come to the Father.

Last night, I was lying on my bed watching a special TV program and getting prepared for my night time reading when a knock came at my door.  In walks my 12 year old one and only Robinson granddaughter Katy, being the daughter of my son Kevin, with a smile and laughter on her face that would charm a stone wall.  She immediately jumped on my bed and nestled close to my heart.

We talked “her language” for quite a while as she told me stories and answered some of my questions.  It was glorious.  And after a while, Kevin comes in and plops down with us and we chat about fun things and get caught up on everyone’s life.

As Katy and Kevin left my bedroom, I spoke blessings on them from my heart.  They made me deliriously happy and I wanted to bless them back again.  A time will yet come when I will bless them much more.

My prayer for you today is that you will come close to your Father in heaven today.  You can cheer up His day.  And as you do, He will bless you.

Read the verse below about Esau and his father Isaac:

Genesis 27:26-28 (AMP)  “Then his father Isaac said, Come near and kiss me, my son.  So he came near and kissed him; and [Isaac] smelled his clothing and blessed him and said, The scent of my son is as the odor of a field which the Lord has blessed.   And may God give you of the dew of the heavens and of the fatness of the earth and abundance of grain and [new] wine.”


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