How to Hear God’s Revelations

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Fullness Friday Revelation

 “Revelation of God’s  Mysteries and Truth.”

  Session 2 – “How to Hear God’s Revelations


“Why Revelation Is Important”

 Friday, September 9

7:00 pm  at   

Fullness in Christ Church

8895 Random Rd. / Fort Worth, TX  76179

 To Register for September 9:  


First Message “What is Revelation?” Available Now  

TO ORDER A CD: An audio CD of the message will be sent for a donation of $10 or more to Fullness in Christ Ministries to Children.

1.  ORDER ONLINE.  Go to DONATE ONLINE.  Enter the amount of your donation ($10 or more) and proceed to checkout.  At checkout enter in the “Comments” section the following: “Send CD from FFR – Session 1”.  (According to IRS rules, $5 will be considered a purchase.  Anything you send more than $5 will be a tax exempt donation used for ministry to children in the Philippines).

2. ORDER BY MAIL.  If you prefer to order the CD by mail, send your request and a check for $10 or more to Fullness in Christ Ministries, PO Box 136117, Fort Worth, TX 76136.    

FREEListen online

FREEDownload message 

Listen on your computer, mp3 player or burn your own cd.

  1. Linda Jones says:

    I cannot wait to hear the second session September 9th. Thank you so much for the free download. This is where i am at and I need to hear more.


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