Sponsoring A Child of Poverty Impacts A Life Forever

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

What chance does a lonely, poor and backward country farm boy have to gain success in life?  That boy was me, born to a 43 year old mother and 47 year old father.  There was six years between me and my nearest age sibling, an older sister.  Hope in life was not our best friend.

My dad could not earn enough in farming to sustain us.  We were, as we called it then, dirt poor.  My mother and dad sold flowers and vegetables from our garden to supplement his farming income to  make ends meet.  We never had enough money to break even.

 We had no car.  I walked several miles to night time ball games at my school.  The nearest store was two miles away.

 An older sister promised to send me to college.  But that never happened.  I was on my own.

 Meeting Jesus and making Him Lord of my life changed everything.  The preacher who led me in the salvation experience told me that because of Jesus I would have a bright future with a destiny and purpose.  He even said Jesus would make me to be somebody special.  I believed him because I had no other alternative but to believe.

When I first visited the city garbage dump in Lapu-Lapu, Philippines in 2001, I saw these very poor children with no hope for success.  In them I saw myself when I was their age.

God spoke within me, “You will spend the rest of your life seeing to it that these children do not repeat the endemic cycle of poverty of their heritage.  I have been seeking obedience in doing just that since 2001.

I got involved.  Would you please pray about also getting involved with me?  This year we are sending over 600 of those poorest of the poor children to school.  My vision is for 1,000 children in school.  Get involved with us.

Sponsoring A Child of Poverty Impacts A Life Forever 

VinceVince. Age 12. He loves to go to school and Bible study.  He comes from a very poor home where 10 people live in one room.  No electricity and no running water in the home.  Vince could not go to school without a sponsor to help him with the cost.  He is a very respectful boy.  His mother has had a big change in her life as a result of this ministry to her son and because of having Bible study in her home.  She has given testimony to her friends about the change God has made in her.  One of her friends, a drug addict, has now asked us to come have a Bible study also in her home.  We praise God for the testimony of Vince and now also of his mother.

Jeanette. Age 11.  She is so tiny and small for her age because sometimes there is not enough to eat.  She is the eldest of 6 children.  Everytime, we feed the children, she first feeds her 3 year old brother before she eats her food. Most of the time, she gives it all to her younger brother. The family has a hard life because her father is disabled, deaf and asthmatic and cannot work. She says, “Only GOD knows.”  She believes God will take care of her and her family.  She is very happy to be sponsored so she can go to school.

Myra is 11 years old, but has never gone to school until this year.  She is the eldest child of six siblings and does most of the household chores. Two of her siblings live with their grandparents because her parents cannot provide for them. Her father does not have a regular job, but sometimes works as laborer in a warehouse of a charcoal maker receiving a minimal income and not enough for their needs. Her father sometimes asks their neighbor to allow him clean their yards to earn additional income. Myra wants to go to school and finish her study to help her family.

Melanie is 10 years old, but still in second grade.  She cannot attend school regularly because of poverty, but she is a brilliant child. She wants to be a teacher someday. She got first honors in first grade.  Her father is a driver of a motorcycle for hire. He rents the motorcycle and spends the whole day picking up and dropping off passengers. He usually goes home very late at night.  The house they are living in belongs to her grandparents who live in another place. They also have to buy their drinking water from their neighbors because the well on their place does not have drinkable water.  Melanie loves school very much and is excited about being able to go to school.

To sponsor your child, go to:  http://bit.ly/msms0R

  1. Judy Smith says:

    Ras, Bev, & Kathy…
    It always fills me with joy when I see others reaching the less fortunate through self sacrifice and through personal service! God also sees and I am certain He is smiling as He places these young ones across your ministry; as He watches what you do and how others respond to His call. None of us are exempt and all of us will be rewarded in some way (now or later) as we reach out to touch someone with God’s unconditional love.

    It is my prayer that you will always be stretched in your faith as you avidlly seek God and as you continue to obey what He requests of you. He truly shines in the heartache of the world…for in the darkness His Light of love shines with the brilliance of the sun.
    (1 Peter 1: 22; 1 John 4: 7)

    God bless you as you daily become “more like Christ” 🙂


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