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Could God be punishing us?  Has His judgment for the sins of our nation filled to overflowing His grace cup?  Has He had enough?  These are all questions I have been wrestling with over and over again.

On the one hand, we know God is full of grace and mercy.  His patience is unmatched.  As to those of us who believe, He disciplines those who are His but He does not punish.  The world is different.  When God is ready, His judgment cannot be stopped for those outside the faith.  For us as believers, He judges our sins but not the sinner.  So how do we as believers avoid being judged along with the unbelievers?

God is preparing us for a grand event larger and more devastating than anything up to this point.  Take a fresh look at what is occurring worldwide at this moment.

Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14 States.  Here is an excerpt: on April 18 reported through Meghan Evans a historic tornado outbreak:  3 days, 241 tornadoes in 14 states in the USA.

“From Thursday, April 14, 2011 to Saturday, April, 16, 2011, devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the southern United States. Cities and towns from Oklahoma to North Carolina were assaulted by the deadly twisters.

The tornado outbreak led to a total of 241 tornado reports in 14 states over the three-day period. This will likely rank this tornado outbreak among the largest in history.

Tragically, the death toll has risen to 39 people so far with dozens of others injured. The number of fatalities could rise as investigations continue. This tornado outbreak already ranks as the most deadly outbreak since the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak.”

Earthquakes have decimated part of northern Japan again and again within the past 60 days.  Earthquakes are being felt in South America and North America.

In the USA, wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, homes and even cities.  Recently, those fires burned to the ground the church buildings of a friend’s church in Texas.

How do we pray?  Here is today’s word we received from God:

April 18, 2011.  You will receive a second chance.  Something that happened in your life has been troubling you.  Satan helps bring what happened into your mind to accuse you over and over again.  He tells you that you are disqualified from the blessings of God.  He further says you will never have My favor or divine assignments.  He accuses you before the Father day and night so as to discredit Jesus in your heart.  I say unto you today, take notice of the Apostle Peter who denied knowing Jesus three times before the cock crowed twice.  Note that later, Jesus gave Peter the assignment to feed, tend and take care of His sheep.  What a second chance!  I have the same for you.  Now follow in My steps.

Mark 14:72 (NLT) “And immediately the rooster crowed the second time.  Suddenly, Jesus’ words flashed through Peter’s mind: ‘Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny three times that you even know me.’  And he broke down and wept.” John 21:16 (NLT) “Jesus repeated the question: ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ Peter said, ‘you know I love you.’ ‘Then take care of my sheep,’ Jesus said.” Ras Robinson

We pray again today that all our sins be continually covered.  We confess and we repent.

We pray for all who are outside the faith in Jesus as the Christ and the Son of the living God.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will draw and convict all unbelievers worldwide.  May they be saved and sealed in Christ.

We pray that we will not fall away before the “SECOND CHANCE” is given by God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel.  Pray that as Jerusalem is divided down the middle and half is given to the Palestinians, pray that an earthquake does not then divide the USA from north to south down I-35 or down the Mississippi River.  He is holding the USA responsible to be a true friend to Israel in this hour.

Finally, would you please pray about the following great needs:






Listen to this… A retired school teacher with 40 years of service e-mailed to tell us she has sent a bank draft for $2,500.  She said when she read the needs of the poorest of the poor sponsored children not being able to learn because they had no breakfast in their bellies she had to do something.  I do not know this lady and she will remain anonymous.  But her gift had to be a sacrifice.  She gave because she said in her 40 years of teaching, she learned an empty stomach prevents learning.

The children leave for school in the morning hungry.  Their stomach growls during class.  They cannot learn, being distracted by an empty stomach.  When they go home for lunch, there is no food in their house or hut.  In the afternoon they cannot learn.

Another lady shared in a video account of her dream that Jesus took her by the hand and “flew” to some place in Africa where the children’s ribs can be counted and their stomachs are distended by worms.  Their black hair is turning red as a sign of malnutrition.

What do "friends" of Jesus look like? He loves these little ones and it pleases Him for us to feed them when they are hungry. These hungry children come to the church for a hot breakfast before going to school.

Jesus came to those children with a smile and a gentle touch.  Some died.  He met them in Heaven, welcoming them.  He said to the lady who had the dream, “Until your heart breaks like your body would break in some horrible auto or train accident, you do not know my friends, pointing toward the poor children.”  He said again, “If your heart doesn’t break because of the hunger and disease of these children, you do not know Me.

I wept then and I am still weeping over this.  My belly is hurting over it.

Within five minutes of hearing the dream and seeing the starving African kids, this lady sent an email to tell us she was sending $2,500.  God instantly gave me the following vision.

God spoke to my heart to start a “food pool” large enough that we could see to it that, when and where needed, the children could have a simple and nutritious breakfast and then something simple but nutritious for lunch — every day!  We would regulate the outgoing funds from that “food pool” like a valve on a pipeline running from a lake supply of water.

I want to start this “food pool” with the $2,500 the retired school teacher sent.

We saw something new at the dumpsite worship center this time.  A closed in room has been constructed.  It’s purpose? To provide a safe place for the orphans and those most at risk while sleeping at night.  Currently there are 5 young girls sleeping on a simple plywood bed with a light cloth to cover them. The oldest, age 17, helps keep watch over the younger ones.

Pastor Rudy asked if we wanted to see behind the room. “Yes! Of course!!”  In the very small space out back, are plans for what they call a “dirty kitchen” and a “comfort room.”  A “dirty kitchen” is a place for cooking over a fire pit or a stone pot of coals and a place to store a small supply of firewood.  A comfort room is a toilet. They will build 2 toilets.

We rejoice that the money has been received to build those facilities for the children.  Now, we want to make sure there is food in those cooking pots to feed the children.

Cooking a very large pot of hot food for children at the garbage dump.

There are many needs at the garbage dump, but one of the most pressing is food and nutrition.  That is why your gifts to “Feed Hungry Children” are so vital.  Some of the children talk about not having anything to eat all day.  This “dirty kitchen” will be used to cook food for those children who have nothing to eat.  Children in the Philippines have a long lunch break and most go home to eat. For the children who live at the garbage dump, they go home, but find no food for their lunch.  With your help, these children will find food and love at the “Throne of Grace Worship Center” at the garbage dump. Your donations help provide that food.

If you could just see the change that occurs in the lives of these youngsters once they are sponsored and begin to receive regular meals, you would be amazed that so little can do so much.  Feeding them helps them be healthy and able to learn in school.  Perhaps even more than that, it tells them that someone cares for them.

Hey!  Can you dig down deep like the retired school teacher and do something big for these young friends of Jesus?

If God leads you to be part of helping to feed the children, you can give online by going to Feed Hungry Children.  God will bless you!!!

Praying with you and for you,

Ras Robinson –

  1. Sandra says:

    Hello Pastor Ras,

    I wanted to share with you some thoughts that are stirring in my spirit: I cannot come to peace thinking of our God who placed all of His judgement of sin on Jesus 2,000 years ago in an excruciatingly painful suffering death causing any more devastation on the earth. I believe when He said “PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN” that He meant COMPLETE PEACE to come with the birth of Jesus and to continue. I believe the enemy works very hard to cause us not to believe that our God desires PEACE for ALL MEN! I do believe in a final Judgement Day (one day) when all will stand before Jesus and give their accounts to Him. The earthquake in the New Testament that occurred set Peter FREE from prison and no one was killed but rather many were saved. I know Jesus spoke of earthquakes and rumors of war, but He did not say that God was sending them. I believe these disasters are being caused because the earth is under so much stress from people not living in the rest and in the peace of God. Living outside of the GRACE and WISDOM of GOD is stressful and the consequences are destructive. When life is immersed in the peace and wisdom of God, we truly become wonderful stewards of this amazing earth. I believe the consequences of sin are bringing the devastation to lives and to this earth NOT God. I am praying that the Body of Christ would be UNIFIED so we truly can impact this hurting world with the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of the Kingdom – PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!

    I so appreciate your ministry and had to share what I believe the Lord has laid on my heart.




  2. Ras Robinson says:

    This post inspires us all Sandra. Thanks.


  3. Marilyn says:

    Ras had this word this morning. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to each of us what it is we are overindulging in so that we can discipline ourselves so that God does not have to discipline us. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will show us what it is we are overindulging in and help us to discipline ourselves.

    April 23, 2011. Overindulgence can be a problem for you. There is a certain thing you really like. I have allowed you to partake freely of it. And yet, you know you have gone too far at times. It is within your power to discipline yourself. I am calling upon you now to taper off and limit yourself. If you do not, I will need to discipline you. But even if I do, it will not mean that I have turned against you. A father naturally disciplines his children for their own good. The father who faithfully does this will be rewarded in fine young trees bearing much good fruit. I am a Father to fathers. My child you are! Go figure.

    Proverbs 25:16 (NLT) “Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick!”


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