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New Declaration Weapon

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First of all, thank you for your interest and participation in our BLOG!  I am quite pleased with the results so far.  You have been forthcoming, transparent and focused in your postings.  This is so appreciated.

As you post your prayers and intercessions for the BLOG, please focus specifically on the subject raised by Bev, Lee and Jack.

Two things grabbed my attention yesterday.  The first one is from my wife about the “8:00 p.m. Alarm for Intercession” she introduced some months ago.  If you are not part of that and want to be, write ( and tell Bev you want to commit to meeting with her nightly at 8:00 p.m. in your time zone wherever you are.

Here is the message released today from Bev:

April 27, 2011.  Months ago, even stretching into years now, I gave a call to pray at 8:00 pm in your time zone for the nation in which you live.  A great number of you responded and committed to pray.  There is a phenomenon that happens with the alarm on my cell phone.  It keeps again and again failing to ring at 8:00 PM.  I have reset it many times.  God woke me up in the middle of the night and I reset it again, and also set another clock alarm.  Satan tries many ways to stop the prayers of Christians.  He knows that’s where the victory is.  Join in praying for your nation and Israel.

Matthew 16:19 (AMP)  “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven.” Bev Robinson

The second thing catching my attention yesterday for intercession was the “New Declaration Weapon” presented in Homer Owen’s weekly newsletter.  It is written by Lee and Jack Brown of Nashville, TN. 

I felt that Lee and Jack touched hot issues about which we can focus our intercession.  They write:

The storms, the drought, the fires, together we stand against the enemy.


…Weapon for city state and nations…

From our position in heaven seated at the Right hand of the Father with all principalities and powers under our feet…(I, We declare the King of Kings is in charge of the financial systems of this earth!   And today we raise up with our prayers the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ over all places on the earth and all peoples including the demonic Elites who think they are in control and we declare the Lord God Almighty is laughing in your face!  King Jesus controls the monies, He controls the Governments of Nations and their kings, He controls the times and the Seasons He is in control and Rules from Heaven.

Furthermore, God has said we are to bind the strongman and then we can plunder his Goods.  (I, We bind the Strongman of Fear, Terror, Trauma, PANIC, Anxiety, and worry that has been released on planet earth!  And in its place we Release LOVE… God’s World overcoming Love!  We release Shalom Peace that guards the hearts and minds of people.  We release Thankfulness for God’s amazing POWER over the World and the enemy, we Release Thankfulness to God for His Mercies which are new today upon us all.  We release Thankfulness, for God is going before us so NOTHING can be against us because He is our Shepherd and there is NO lack in Him.

We plunder the enemy today and we take back all the Destinies of people being held captive and imprisoned by the enemy.  We release people, God’s people from Fear, and insecurity, and inferiority and Panic.  We take back that which has been given by God to all those who are born again and in God’s Kingdom!  We expose the mirage and the lies the Hordes of hell have been releasing over the earth.  We declare and decree a release of God’s Righteousness, Justice and Truth over all financial establishments, over the Kings, over all Governments, over all Nations of the Earth! Over the families, Over all Marriages, Over our Youth, over our Market places, Over our Military, Over the denominations, over our Agriculture yes over our FOOD!  In the Name of Jesus, We speak Peace to the Storms of Evil and command them to dissipate.  In the Name of Jesus we declare Our God is in Control of the weather and we bind the demonic Strongman who has been manipulating the weather through man.

Today we release the Worship of the Kingdom of Kings and the Lord of Lords in Spirit and in Truth.  Today we release the high praises of the Lord from the Third Heaven to earth and the earth to Heaven!  Today we release the JOY of the Lord which will strengthen the people of God.

Praise the Lord!

Pick these words up as a weapon and use them.


Lee and Jack Brown
Capitol Prayer Shield
Nashville TN

The above declaration was also published by my good friend Homer Owen:

Please limit your posts and comments to the issues raised by Lee, Jack and Bev.  After you have done that, send prayers ALSO for whatever nation is your concern.

Thank you and God bless you,

Ras Robinson

Our good prophetic friends John & Kelly Sielski today published the following word by another close prophetic friend John Mark Pool.  I love both these men like family to me.  They are trustworthy and faithful.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did on this Resurrection Sunday.

This message was today’s Elijah List Message selection and John and Kelly Sielski chose to include it in his daily email.

John Mark Pool:

All Creation is Groaning for Jesus Christ the Risen Savior of the World! A Resurrection Message for 2011


All Creation is Groaning for Many Reasons

For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Romans 8:22 NLT

Hell could not keep Jesus! His resurrection power has always defeated satan’s attempt to overthrow our Father’s Kingdom!

God made the earth as a habitation for His people. The occurrence of sin brought on decay and disturbance of purposes.

The heavens are Thine, the earth also is Thine: as for the world and the fullness thereof, Thou hast founded them. Psalm 89:11 KJV

TRUTH: God, the only Creator, will one day redeem His people (those who are in Christ Jesus) and the earth eternally – PERIOD! Those in Christ serve a risen Savior who came to restore all those who are now groaning in the birth pangs of a transformation for eternity!

Paul personified the elements of nature as looking forward to deliverance the same way that Christians anticipate our glorified resurrection body. The same Holy Spirit that brooded over the waters in creation (Genesis 1:2) has been given to Christians as a foretaste and assurance of the glorious hope that awaits us. We can live with joy, assured that we have a wonderful expectation awaiting us. That hope includes a new, transformed world, which will again pass God’s examination as “very good” (Genesis 1:31). We must know in Spirit and in Truth, “It is a finished work!”

As for now, however, I feel that all the creation that was made by the Most High God is groaning for many reasons. We have basically been very poor stewards of our planet and of our resurrection authority! However, we can turn the tide as we renew our hearts to that of the way of Jesus, as He was brought to His earthly mission. One day, Jesus was anointed by a “party crasher” who indeed was a lost woman of the streets filled with demons; she anointed Jesus for His burial. Jesus had cast the demons from her, and showed her that pure wonderful look of love! Yes, Mary had found the love from a “man” figure who had no expectation of anything in return! He was pure love that only the Father could have offered her, as she received new life from her Savior.

This is the Message of the Resurrection Power of a Living Savior

This is the season that coincides with the celebration of the Resurrection of the Savior of the world.

He is not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.Matthew 28:6 KJV

Two women, both named Mary, anticipated a returning of their Savior, friend, and for one – her Son. Mary, the birth mother of Jesus, eagerly joined with Mary Magdalene to participate in the resurrection glory that comes for those who “know” the risen Savior! Your desperation to lose yourself ensures not only birth of a new person, yet an opening of resurrection power that only our risen Savior can offer! Run to that empty tomb and show the world the grave clothes you know hold the scent of your past! Jesus is not in this tomb or clothing, He is risen! My sin is removed, and I now live in a resurrection power like no human could offer! Behold, tell them you are indeed “brand new!”

Understandably, Mary the mother of Jesus, gave up all her reputation to bring Christ’s birth that would cost  her earthly acceptance yet gain her place in the Kingdom as she willingly became the host of Heaven’s pledge to restore a lost relationship with a Holy God!

The women who were greatest at risk of loss, reputation and in need of forgiveness, had the greatest authority to share first the message of the resurrection power of a living Savior, and Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Jesus Christ came because one woman, also named Mary, chose to obey the Father to lose her earthly reputation, face possible death or expulsion. But she had faith! She would have understood the way Jesus must have felt on the way to the Cross of Calvary. Amazingly, in stark contrast is an accompanying sister, Mary, who had a real lifestyle of sin, pressed by the possession of demons, and was as new as any person in God’s family of “born again” Believers. Though our sins be as scarlet, Jesus came to make them white as snow!

They carried spices to anoint Jesus, yet their hearts were searching for the One they loved. That fact drove them by their passion to be at the door of our New Gate of resurrection power! We must applaud that desperation that announced The One we are looking for is not in the tomb, but Jesus Christ has arisen! He is our risen Savior, and the only Way we can return to a relationship with the Father’s burning fire of desire for our restored intimacy!

The Birthing Time is Near!

Those who know of the witness of Christ yet have continually rejected Him as THE ONLY Savior of the world will begin feeling this season of anticipation, causing them to groan in desperation for an answer.

The birthing time is near!

Isaiah wrote in chapter 66:1-2 (KJV): “Thus saith the LORD, ‘The Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool: where is the house that ye build unto Me? and where is the place of My rest? For all those things hath Mine hand made, and all those things have been,’ saith the LORD: ‘but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at My word.'”

God made it all for us to bring Him glory in our multiplication process. We are the ones that have been assigned the “Kingdom Dominion Process”! This New Gate of resurrection power is depending upon our actions now! God is awaiting our intensity of pressing into the transforming process of something that all creation is groaning over today!

“Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God. Isaiah 66:9 NIV

Spring is a season of New Birth! Behold, everything is made new by the resurrection power of His ascended authority! Will we hear the pangs of the New Birth?

Jesus is Just a Breath Away From a Lost Person’s Heart!

Will we stand in a gap and make up a hedge? This is not a season to align with “judgmentalism” and the “grumbling and complaining.” This is a time to take the authority of ones who bring to bear the now-risen Savior, Who is a breath away from a lost person’s heart! Just give them the power of the resurrection Gospel message, because it has always had the power to transform lost lives into dynamic witnesses! Do you remember when you were lost? Can you reflect upon the “washing of the Word” to bring you a peace that no person can describe? We are in a season of a New Day of power as the world has ever known!

Our new day of the Great Awakening is beckoning all those who have been heavy laden with the cares of this world, those ready to find that the same resurrection power of the Gospel of Christ is still as powerful as the day Jesus arose from the grave. Jesus is knocking at our hearts’ doors and is yet awaiting our reply. What will our answer be?

The Father’s intercessors have sustained us, and now it is time for the people of God to possess the anticipation with the pressing desperation, as did both Marys racing to see their risen Savior, the Son of the Living God!

Our desperation will indeed place a “demand note” upon our destiny! Jesus is our risen Savior Who will empower His own to be the Hope of His Glory! Please tell the groaning world, “We have the answer – Jesus Christ – the living Savior of the world! His life brings the lost a living relationship with a very loving eternal Father! Let us be alive with Jesus forever!”

He is not in the tomb – our Jesus Christ is indeed the risen Savior of the world!

John Mark Pool
Word to the World Ministries

John and Sandy Pool are the real deal among today’s prophetic voices.  He is an exciting communicator with an exceptional anointing.  I recommend you write them John and Sandy and get on their mailing list.  You will be blessed.

John Sielski writes and publishes a daily prophetic and encouraging word noted below.  It blesses me daily and I believe it will you too.  Give it a try.

Today’s Voice Christian Fellowship

P.O. Box 6705

Wyomissing, PA 19610

Ministry Office: (610) 670-9305


Pray for Israel and Jerusalem along with the other Middle East countries

Meeting with you on the mountain,

Ras Robinson

What you are about to read is a supernatural encounter with the living God.  It was a “Heavenly Experience.”  Come with me to Catigbian, Bohol, Philippine Islands.  I made a supernatural visit there yesterday.  As I examined Catigbian in some detail from my perch, words flooded my mind like peace, simplicity, rest, uncontaminated, Eden.

A series of things happened yesterday that drew my attention to this small town in the Philippine Islands.  I want to share them with you in the same order they came to me.  My thought was that God has taken me to a place through intercession.  He gave Catigbian to me as a prayer burden, a place I can easily see from “the wall of intercession.”

Consider joining with me after you read the following accounts:


Dear (Name),
Thank you again for sponsoring children in the Philippines.  I wanted to write to let you know the pastors are working on new photos and profiles for the children we now sponsor as well as gathering information for profiles of the new ones being sponsored.  It is a busy time for them.  I want to try and keep all 16 of the children you sponsor in one location for you if I can.  It is a remote place and the pastor has to travel a good distance to use the Internet so communication with them is sometimes a challenge.  There are exciting things happening in the town of Catigbian, Bohol, where your kids are located.  When we first

Dennis and cleofe Abriol

Dennis and Cleofe Abriol pastor and care for children sponsored by FCM.

began to minister there, the resistance to the Gospel was very strong.  The young pastor and his wife felt called to go there to begin an evangelical work.  There was none.  The only church was the Catholic Church and they were not happy to see an evangelical church in town.  In addition, it was an area of communist rebel strongholds.  The first time I went there, I was told to be out of the area before dark.  The pastor and his wife had much opposition from, it seemed, everyone in town, school teachers, city officials, religious leaders, almost everyone.  But they knew God had called them there and they prayed and persevered.

They began to take children off the streets into their home.  Struggling financially, they sometimes did not have enough to eat for their own family, they still took the children to live with them and trusted God for provisions.  We first met them when Dennis, the pastor, came to a meeting we had in a nearby city.  He brought 10 kids with him on the bus, 2 were his and 8 were street kids he was caring for.  God showed us his heart and it was clear He wanted us to help them.

In the years we have sponsored children in Catigbian, God has done a wonderful transformation there.  There is now favor in the schools and even in the city mayor’s office.  We saw the mayor last year and he gave his blessing to our ministry and honored us with a Certificate of Appreciation for our work with the children.  The area is no longer known as a Communist area and at least one known terrorist was saved with all his family.

You can look up “Catigbian, Bohol, Philippines” on the Internet and find out more about this beautiful place.  By the way, Ras says it is one of the most lush and beautiful places he’s ever seen.  Maybe you can go there with us sometime.

Now for you to make it possible for us to add additional sponsored children is a further confirmation of God’s exciting plans for the people in this small town. I’d like to have all 16 of your sponsored kids to be from there.  We will have the profiles soon and I will send them to you.

Thank you again for being part of God’s plan and for the big impact you are having.  God bless you more and more,

Kathy Bohlin, Director, Philippine Missions, FCM


April 20, 2011.  Through intercession today, I visited an Asian city.  I was watching the city from outer space through technology.  That city could be your city.  This one is hidden away.  I saw peace over the city, I prayed for more peace.  I prayed for the churches, the government and the poorest of the poor children living there.  I prayed for families, marriages and parenting to be at peace.  While looking at the city from the place where I live, I could see the city being raised up to a higher level of living.  It was like the present layer of living was eclipsed by a higher level akin to moving from the first to the second floor of a building.  The Lord says, “I want to do this for your city, your family and descendents and for you personally. 

Revelation 4:1 (NASB)  “After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”


Faith In Action – A Town Is Transformed

Dennis and the children

Dennis Abriol, man of faith, with 10 children cared for by him and his wife.

It was an act of faith when a young pastor came to see us.  He had 10 children with him.  Two were his and eight were children from the streets he had taken in.  They slept in the church, which was also the home of the pastor and his family.  Though sometimes they did not have enough to eat for their own family, they still took the children to live with them and trusted God for provisions.  The young pastor came to see if we could help him to feed the children and send them to school.

We did help them and God made it possible through sponsors and ministry partners to help many of the poorest children in town.  We have sponsored many children in Catigbian and God has done a wonderful transformation there.  Dennis and Cleofe will tell you that favor began to come to them when the poor children were sponsored.  The people in the town saw that someone really did care for the children. . 

Sponsoring children opens the door to ministry to family and community leaders.  This town has been transformed by the love of Jesus as shown to children by the pastor and his family and by FCM sponsors.  One lady sponsors several children in Catigbian and just signed up for more.  What joy is hers as she knows how God is using her gifts to impact many.  

You too can be part of transforming the life of a child, a family, a community and perhaps an entire town.  To sponsor a child cost only $30 a month. To sign up, go to Sponsor A Child.   


Hi Ras,
Thank you for sending out this word. Interestingly, just yesterday, one of my best friends told me that of the nearly 7 billion people in the world, the “average” person looks like an Asian male.

So immediately when I read this, I realized what you were seeing. It was a City of Refuge. In the coming time of tribulation – whenever that is – there will be Cities of Refuge where people will go to get help because of the famines, floods, earthquakes, etc… The idea that you saw an Asian city is two-fold – one, it reminds you of the contrast to the incredible disaster in Japan and two, it ties in with the idea I shared in the beginning of the average person’s looks. And then you tied it in with Revelation, which describes details on what will happen during the tribulation and then the millennial reigh of Maschiach – Yeshua, our Messiah.

Shalom uv’racha and Chag Sameach!
Peace and blessings and A Joyous Fesitval (Passover)

Would you pray with me for CATIGBIAN?  It is obvious God is at work there in powerful ways.  The mayor has a vision that many people from around the world will come to Catigbian.  At first glance, one might wonder why.  There are no motels. Perhaps one small café, though I am not sure about that.  No grocery stores. To use the Internet, residents must travel to another city many miles away.  Perhaps as our Jewish friend said, Catigbian is to be a City of Refuge.  The soil is fertile and will grow just about anything.  There are beautiful rivers and forests.  Yes Mayor, perhaps God has plans to use your city as a refuge for many people who come there from around the world.  His eyes are watching over you with the love of a Father.

Could God be punishing us?  Has His judgment for the sins of our nation filled to overflowing His grace cup?  Has He had enough?  These are all questions I have been wrestling with over and over again.

On the one hand, we know God is full of grace and mercy.  His patience is unmatched.  As to those of us who believe, He disciplines those who are His but He does not punish.  The world is different.  When God is ready, His judgment cannot be stopped for those outside the faith.  For us as believers, He judges our sins but not the sinner.  So how do we as believers avoid being judged along with the unbelievers?

God is preparing us for a grand event larger and more devastating than anything up to this point.  Take a fresh look at what is occurring worldwide at this moment.

Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14 States.  Here is an excerpt: on April 18 reported through Meghan Evans a historic tornado outbreak:  3 days, 241 tornadoes in 14 states in the USA.

“From Thursday, April 14, 2011 to Saturday, April, 16, 2011, devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the southern United States. Cities and towns from Oklahoma to North Carolina were assaulted by the deadly twisters.

The tornado outbreak led to a total of 241 tornado reports in 14 states over the three-day period. This will likely rank this tornado outbreak among the largest in history.

Tragically, the death toll has risen to 39 people so far with dozens of others injured. The number of fatalities could rise as investigations continue. This tornado outbreak already ranks as the most deadly outbreak since the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak.”

Earthquakes have decimated part of northern Japan again and again within the past 60 days.  Earthquakes are being felt in South America and North America.

In the USA, wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, homes and even cities.  Recently, those fires burned to the ground the church buildings of a friend’s church in Texas.

How do we pray?  Here is today’s word we received from God:

April 18, 2011.  You will receive a second chance.  Something that happened in your life has been troubling you.  Satan helps bring what happened into your mind to accuse you over and over again.  He tells you that you are disqualified from the blessings of God.  He further says you will never have My favor or divine assignments.  He accuses you before the Father day and night so as to discredit Jesus in your heart.  I say unto you today, take notice of the Apostle Peter who denied knowing Jesus three times before the cock crowed twice.  Note that later, Jesus gave Peter the assignment to feed, tend and take care of His sheep.  What a second chance!  I have the same for you.  Now follow in My steps.

Mark 14:72 (NLT) “And immediately the rooster crowed the second time.  Suddenly, Jesus’ words flashed through Peter’s mind: ‘Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny three times that you even know me.’  And he broke down and wept.” John 21:16 (NLT) “Jesus repeated the question: ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ Peter said, ‘you know I love you.’ ‘Then take care of my sheep,’ Jesus said.” Ras Robinson

We pray again today that all our sins be continually covered.  We confess and we repent.

We pray for all who are outside the faith in Jesus as the Christ and the Son of the living God.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will draw and convict all unbelievers worldwide.  May they be saved and sealed in Christ.

We pray that we will not fall away before the “SECOND CHANCE” is given by God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel.  Pray that as Jerusalem is divided down the middle and half is given to the Palestinians, pray that an earthquake does not then divide the USA from north to south down I-35 or down the Mississippi River.  He is holding the USA responsible to be a true friend to Israel in this hour.

Finally, would you please pray about the following great needs:






Listen to this… A retired school teacher with 40 years of service e-mailed to tell us she has sent a bank draft for $2,500.  She said when she read the needs of the poorest of the poor sponsored children not being able to learn because they had no breakfast in their bellies she had to do something.  I do not know this lady and she will remain anonymous.  But her gift had to be a sacrifice.  She gave because she said in her 40 years of teaching, she learned an empty stomach prevents learning.

The children leave for school in the morning hungry.  Their stomach growls during class.  They cannot learn, being distracted by an empty stomach.  When they go home for lunch, there is no food in their house or hut.  In the afternoon they cannot learn.

Another lady shared in a video account of her dream that Jesus took her by the hand and “flew” to some place in Africa where the children’s ribs can be counted and their stomachs are distended by worms.  Their black hair is turning red as a sign of malnutrition.

What do "friends" of Jesus look like? He loves these little ones and it pleases Him for us to feed them when they are hungry. These hungry children come to the church for a hot breakfast before going to school.

Jesus came to those children with a smile and a gentle touch.  Some died.  He met them in Heaven, welcoming them.  He said to the lady who had the dream, “Until your heart breaks like your body would break in some horrible auto or train accident, you do not know my friends, pointing toward the poor children.”  He said again, “If your heart doesn’t break because of the hunger and disease of these children, you do not know Me.

I wept then and I am still weeping over this.  My belly is hurting over it.

Within five minutes of hearing the dream and seeing the starving African kids, this lady sent an email to tell us she was sending $2,500.  God instantly gave me the following vision.

God spoke to my heart to start a “food pool” large enough that we could see to it that, when and where needed, the children could have a simple and nutritious breakfast and then something simple but nutritious for lunch — every day!  We would regulate the outgoing funds from that “food pool” like a valve on a pipeline running from a lake supply of water.

I want to start this “food pool” with the $2,500 the retired school teacher sent.

We saw something new at the dumpsite worship center this time.  A closed in room has been constructed.  It’s purpose? To provide a safe place for the orphans and those most at risk while sleeping at night.  Currently there are 5 young girls sleeping on a simple plywood bed with a light cloth to cover them. The oldest, age 17, helps keep watch over the younger ones.

Pastor Rudy asked if we wanted to see behind the room. “Yes! Of course!!”  In the very small space out back, are plans for what they call a “dirty kitchen” and a “comfort room.”  A “dirty kitchen” is a place for cooking over a fire pit or a stone pot of coals and a place to store a small supply of firewood.  A comfort room is a toilet. They will build 2 toilets.

We rejoice that the money has been received to build those facilities for the children.  Now, we want to make sure there is food in those cooking pots to feed the children.

Cooking a very large pot of hot food for children at the garbage dump.

There are many needs at the garbage dump, but one of the most pressing is food and nutrition.  That is why your gifts to “Feed Hungry Children” are so vital.  Some of the children talk about not having anything to eat all day.  This “dirty kitchen” will be used to cook food for those children who have nothing to eat.  Children in the Philippines have a long lunch break and most go home to eat. For the children who live at the garbage dump, they go home, but find no food for their lunch.  With your help, these children will find food and love at the “Throne of Grace Worship Center” at the garbage dump. Your donations help provide that food.

If you could just see the change that occurs in the lives of these youngsters once they are sponsored and begin to receive regular meals, you would be amazed that so little can do so much.  Feeding them helps them be healthy and able to learn in school.  Perhaps even more than that, it tells them that someone cares for them.

Hey!  Can you dig down deep like the retired school teacher and do something big for these young friends of Jesus?

If God leads you to be part of helping to feed the children, you can give online by going to Feed Hungry Children.  God will bless you!!!

Praying with you and for you,

Ras Robinson –


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Each year, I feel called to the mountain to pray.  This year it is the same except different.  My favorite prayer mountain is about 600 miles away and I usually pray at about 9,000 -10,000 feet in elevation.  It was on this mountain that I first heard from God:

Isaiah 52:7 (AMP)  “ How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, who publishes peace, who brings good tidings of good, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns!”

It was on this same mountain so very many years ago that God changed me altogether from a person of negative to positive, from curses to blessings.  Everything about me got changed, even those things for which I had prayed for years.  And the list goes on.

This year is different in two ways.  First, due to gas prices and extreme inflation in American, I cannot afford the trip to my mountain.  God gave me a different strategy, one that surprised me.  He said to me, “your mountain this year will be that special and secret place you choose.  Go there and I will meet with you just as before.  Be diligent and trust me.”

Secondly, I want you to pray and ask Me to change you into another person just as I did for King Saul.  Pray for My Spirit to fall upon you so strongly that you begin praying and prophesying far beyond your natural abilities.  Pray that I will then direct your prayers for the peoples and the nations.

In addition, it will be different this year in that for the first time, you will invite intercessors and prayer warriors to join you on “the mountain.”  Ask of them that they will also choose a special and secret place to become their prayer mountain.  They will especially pray that I will change them into a new person.

Finally, pray that you and the intercessors and prayer warriors will not fall away after the experience of being changed into a new person.  Pray for faithfulness and steadfastness.


April 14, 2011.  A time for resting is at hand at your pleasure to receive.  You are aware that your life is becoming more peaceful and more ordered.  Your past season was like this.  What is coming is an extension of this previous season but greater.  That feeling like heaven on earth is beginning to take place and form in your life again.  This time you will be a better steward of this gift to you.  It is both a gift and a lifestyle.  I want you to guard it as your greatest treasure.  It will be an extension of My righteousness, peace a joy of which the Kingdom of God consists.  Expect to live in My kingdom as you have never before done.  Gird yourself in faith and get ready for an emersion in grace and mercy from Me.  If Saul can receive it, so can you!  I love you.

1 Samuel 10:5-6 “Afterward you will come to the hill of God where the Philistine garrison is; and it shall be as soon as you have come there to the city, that you will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place with harp, tambourine, flute, and a lyre before them, and they will be prophesying.  “Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you mightily, and you shall prophesy with them and be changed into another man.  Ras Robinson – A Call to Prayer for All Nations:  “YOU:  CHANGED INTO ANOTHER PERSON:”  Subscribe to our blog FREE.

Would you please join me on the mountain?  If so, hit “reply” or “comment” below and tell me what God has said to you.

Pray for and with you,

Ras Robinson


God has allowed me to predict earthquakes.  I have stood in a stadium which shook just as I had predicted in Peru.  I have prophesied earthquakes along I-35 in America, which splits the country in half north and south, going northward from Mexico to Canada.  Those have and are happening.  All this is to show a shaking God is foretelling for America.  Surely it is coming.  We will be shaken so badly that we think we can no longer be shaken.  But we know from the earthquakes off the Japanese coast, that just when you think it is all over, here it comes again.  God wants our attention America.

How can God be idle when there are over one million abortions a year in American?  How long can He stay silent when we no longer claim to neither be a Christian nation nor allow prayer or reading from the Bible in public places other than church houses?

A prophet that I follow and in whom I have some confidence is Kim Clement.  Below is a prophetic word published April 8 in Elijah List but given March 25 in Nashville, TX.  Read it below and pray:

Watch the Mountains! There Will Be an Eruption of My Spirit as Never Before

Watch the Mountains

Prophesied on March 25, 2011 from Nashville, Tennessee:

Kim ClementThe Spirit of God says, “There is going to be a constant praise going on, and it’s going to begin to erupt; and all over the world I shall restore the Tabernacle of David, where there shall be constant praise in the house of the Living God. On street corners – unusual eruptions. Watch the mountains,” says the Lord, “watch the mountains as they begin to erupt. You see, the earth is busy – from deep within; it has erupted from within. Now it’s going to go to the mountains,” says the Lord. “There will be minimal loss of lives, but the earth erupting represents an eruption of the Spirit of the Living God upon the nations of the earth!

The Lord says, “Watch the mountains! They will erupt and smoke shall come from them, and the people will say, ‘Oh my God, it is the end!'” But God said, “It is the beginning, it is the beginning of labor pains, for something is about to be born. An eruption of My Spirit as never before, and I shall bring forth something that will reach every nation on the earth,” says the Lord. “Praise will erupt in the Middle East, and praise will erupt in Africa; praise will erupt in America; praise will erupt in Asia; praise will erupt in the islands of the sea. Praise will erupt in America! Praise will erupt in America! Praise will erupt in Africa! Praise will erupt in Africa! Praise will erupt in Asia!”


Surely God must judge American!  Surely in His mercy He will send forth His Spirit again to cover this nation with repentance and righteousness.

Lord, may your Holy Spirit be pour out to cover the earth like a morning fog.

God save America!  God bless America!

Ras Robinson


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God has brought me under deep conviction over His judgment of those outside of Christ.  No matter how we seek to gloss over the horrible picture of unbelievers spending eternity in Hell, it is still an eternal punishment engineered by God himself.  We can feel justified in our lack of interest or pity because of the heinous acts, beliefs and lifestyles of those outside of Christ.  But what should my attitude be?

2 Timothy 4:17-18 (NASB)  “But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that through me the proclamation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was rescued out of the lion’s mouth.  “The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

2 Peter 2:7-9 (NASB) “And if He rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual conduct of unprincipled men (for by what he saw and heard that righteous man, while living among them, felt his righteous soul tormented day after day by their lawless deeds), then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from temptation, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment.

If God can rescue Noah and Lot, there is no living unbeliever He cannot rescue today.  And though it seems impossible to our minds that a horrific and evil person or people of certain non-Christian religions could be saved, that is not the position we can take as intercessors.

Rather than imagining the unbelievers dying and going to an eternal Hell, what about rather imagining them being snatched from the flames of an eternal damnation and becoming our beloved brothers and sisters as Christians.  Which do you think is God’s will?  This is grist for our prayers of intercession.

I could name names here of murderers, genocide practicioners but you know them already.  Instead of their names, try substituting Noah and Lot.  They need to be rescued and judged here and now rather than face the inevitable judgment of damnation.

Lord, let all enemies of the Christian faith and practice come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and be saved.  May it be perhaps the greatest testimony of your grace in all of history.

Please join me in this intercession through posting on the BLOG your own intercessions, prophetic insights and decrees and other inputs. 



Reynil and HadjiReynil is 8 years old.  He desperately wants to go to school, but has never been.  His father died the same day his younger brother, Arnel, now age 3, was born. To earn enough money to get food, Reynil’s mother goes from house to house every day to look for someone who wants laundry done, a manicure or pedicure, shoes repaired, or any number of things to earn a little money to feed her family.  Reynil’s job?  To take care of his 3 year old brother.  He also cooks and washes dishes.  There is barely enough money to buy food for this family.  The expense of going to school for Reynil is not even a possibility.  His mother agrees that he needs to go to school and if sponsored, Reynil will have the joy of going to first grade. As a sponsor, you can impact the life of this little boy and change the direction of his life.  You can give him and his mother hope that the future could be better. Reynil is available now for someone to sponsor.  If you are interested, go to Sponsor A Child.

We are praying for 500 additional children to be sponsored in the Philippines by the end of May.  Reynil is one of them.  Will you help?  Go to Sponsor A Child.


God bless you,

Ras Robinson


In a previous BLOG post, I called for those who would become with me Watcher/Warriors on the Wall.  We stand together side by side and we watch.  When our God and our spiritual commander in chief calls for war, we listen for his specific strategies and we war under His command.

God wants to give us revelation for intercession today.  The following is what I have heard and now share with you who are committed to pray and intercede.

The sin of our nation (U.S.A.) is about to be judged.  Each of us will be vitally affected.  Our families, our churches, our schools, our economy and our way of life is in the cross-hairs of God’s judgment.  In fact, the judgment has already begun.  I think and I believe that this judgment by God of our sin and the ultimate sin of unbelief in all nations is on course to occur in my and your lifetime.

Rick Joyner and Bob Jones are prophesying a total meltdown of the economic systems of the world, which would include our America.  My spirit with me agrees.  That is why I am calling for a prayer and intercession of alert.  We must get on the wall, watch, pray and fight on God’s side.  God has give me a strategy I want


Revelation 2:4-5 (NASB) “But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.
Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent.”

2 Chronicles 7:14-15 (KJV) “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attentive unto the prayer that is made in this place.”


Pastor Jonas Bohlin, Fullness in Christ Church, Fort Worth, TX has agree to offer his FREE message for listening on line or for FREE download:  go to: click on the message for either April 2 or April 3.  It is the clearest message on how God judges sin and not the sinner I have ever heard.  Though I have been preaching that message for decades, this is the best message for today!

If you are a believer and follower of the Christ, you will not be judged.  But sins you have committed will be judged.  It must happen.  God loves you and is in covenant with you but not with your sin.  This is why continual repentance must be the way of life for believers.  Never go to bed at night with unconfessed sin.  All during each day, repent.  Stay in a constant condition of prayer and intercession, even as you breathe each breath

Those who remain outside faith in the one true God, will be judged, along with their sins.  This is why evangelism is more important now than ever in history.  Some of us have gone to sleep and slept walked off the wall and away from our duties as watchmen and intercessors.  Remember that it is God who does the judging and not you.  God’s desire is that none should perish.  This should be our desire as well.


Millions of unborn babies have been killed in the womb.  Our government in America has outlawed prayer in public school and public gatherings.  Erecting or displaying nativity scenes is outlawed.

America’s president has voiced abroad that the U.S.A. is no longer a Christian nation.  Leaders in Washington have sought to deny and defame America’s founding fathers as being unbelievers in Christ.  We have blasphemed our God and the Holy Spirit.

I am calling for an awakening of Christian hearts and spirits.  Get on the wall, be a Wall/Watcher and intercede.  It is time.

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God called me in 2001 to send the poorest of the poor children to school in the Philippines are I believe that He meant around the world.  Only those who have not gone to school or cannot go to school because of abject poverty.  They live on city dumpsites, under bridges and on city streets.  I wept when I was first called to this at the age of 65 and I still weep today, eleven years later.  God has blessed this ministry, thanks to those children sponsors called to help us.  Could you be one?

The $30.00 a month or $360.00 a year pays for each child:  tuition (yes, tuition is not free there), backpacks, books, uniforms, shoes, various required fees and food, especially for breakfast so that they can learn and not be concerned with cramping stomachs.

These three children need sponsors:

Cherry Rose

Her mother died of leukemia two years ago. She is 11 years old and has two younger brothers, Jonrey and Andrey ages 9 and 5.  The 5 year old has special needs.  There was no work in the remote mountain region where they live so their father had to go somewhere else to find work.  He comes home once a week to bring some rice and, hopefully, some fish. He earns about $1 a day.

Cherry Rose was in school when her mother died — third grade.  But she had to quit school to take care of her brothers.  She has become their mother, the one who cares for them as best as she can.  Pastor Armen said he hopes all three can be sponsored because the young ones are old enough to go to pre-school and Cherry Rose can go back to third grade.  School will also give her the opportunity to be a child instead of a mother. Can you imagine the weight this little girl of 11 years carries as she cares for her 2 brothers, one of whom has special needs?

These children have many needs – education, clothing and nutrition. Notice the “red” hair that indicates poor nutrition.  God has given us the opportunity to be part of His plan for these young lives.  Being sponsored will change their lives forever.  We are praying for 500 additional children to be sponsored by the end of May.  These 3 are some of them.  Will you help?  Go to Sponsor A Child.

Pray, pray and then pray for the U.S.A., the Philippines, Israel and Jerusalem and all the nations of the earth.  Pray that Christians will repent of their sins.  Pray that unbelievers will accept Christ and follow Him.

Until He Comes in Glory,

Ras Robinson, Email:

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Let us cry out in intercession!

Lord, above all things at this time, I call out to you, protect and save Israel what all the devil has planned.  As the armies and many forces of war get into position, confuse and stop their plans.  Send your legions and myriads of angels to the fight.  You are our Almighty God.  None can stand before you and win.

Call for the Watcher/Warriors to the wall.  May they serve you day and night.  Give them an order and organization led by Your hand.  Stop the plans of the enemies of Israel and Jerusalem.  We pray for peace for Jerusalem.

Read over and then pray concerning the following word that they Lord so clearly gave:

April 2, 2011.  Open your eyes that you may see.  Your vision of armies encircling Israel in these last days is accurate.  But I ask you, whom shall you fear?  I am the God of the universe.  No man shall stand before you or rule over you as long as you look to Me.  By your side are angelic armies beyond imagination.  My horses and chariots of fire no one has seen are ready at your side.  While enemy armies are boasting of their savior (not yours) about to manifest in the earth, they also plan their Armageddon (not Mine).  They have no problem plotting to destroy Israel and every nation on the earth not ruled over by their holy men and their theology.  Today, I commission you who will hear, to be ever on My wall a Watcher/Warrior.  Yes?

2 Kings 6:15-17 (AMP) “When the servant of the man of God rose early and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was around the city. Elisha’s servant said to him, Alas, my master! What shall we do?  [Elisha] answered, Fear not; for those with us are more than those with them.  Then Elisha prayed, Lord, I pray You, open his eyes that he may see. And the Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” Ras RobinsonFalse & Fierce Armageddon Soon Subscribe to our blog FREE.

God bless you as you join in this fight of a lifetime.

Please post your own prayer of intercession.


Ras Robinson