Needed for Children at Garbage Dump – $350

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Author - Kathy Bohlin, Philippines

After our heartbreaking visit to the garbage dump last Friday evening, we made our way to the worship center nearby. Pastor Rudy who oversees the care of the children, along with some wonderful helpers who love the children with a tenderness that touched our hearts, was there.

The worship center has a dirt and gravel floor and is completely open on the sides with a roof, something like a “pole barn” a person might find on a ranch at home in Texas.  It is filled with plastic stackable chairs, some with repairs and patches.  It is a simple structure, but full of the glory and presence of the Lord.

We saw something new at the worship center this time.  A closed in room has been constructed.  Purpose? To provide for a safe place for the orphans and those most at risk to sleep at night.  Currently there are 5 young girls sleeping on a simple plywood bed with a light cloth to cover them. The oldest, age 17, helps keep watch over the younger ones.

Pastor Rudy asked if we wanted to see behind the room. “Yes! Of course!!”  In the very small space out back, are plans for what they call a “dirty kitchen” and a “comfort room.”  A “dirty kitchen” is a place for cooking over a fire pit or a stone pot of coals and a place to store a small supply of firewood.  A comfort room is a toilet. They will build 2 toilets.

There are many needs at the garbage dump, but one of the most pressing is food and nutrition.  That is why your gifts to “Feed Hungry Children” are so vital.  Some of the children talk about not having anything to eat all day.  This “dirty kitchen” will be used to cook food for those children who have nothing to eat.  Children in the Philippines have a long lunch break and most go home to eat. For the children who live at the garbage dump, there is no food for their lunch.  These children will find food and love at the “Throne of Grace Worship Center” at the garbage dump. Your donations help provide that food.

We need $350 to build the “dirty kitchen” and “comfort room.” By providing, or helping to provide, for this need, you will be touching many young lives who live in the most devastating circumstances you can imagine.  The sponsorship of these children is very literally changing their lives for the future.  If you could just see the change that occurs in the lives of these youngsters once they are sponsored and begin to receive regular meals, you would be amazed that so little can do so much.  Feeding them helps them be healthy and able to learn in school.  Perhaps even more than that, it tells them that someone cares for them.

Would you ask God if you are to be a part of providing this kitchen and toilets for the kids?  If God leads you to be part of it, you can give online by going to Ministry to Children.  In the comment section at check-out, enter “for kitchen and toilets for kids at garbage dump.”  God will bless you!!!

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