Hell and Heaven in One Night by Ras Robinson

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We need your prayers of intercession right now, please!

Last night, March 4, 2011, what our missions team saw was a contrast of Hell and Heaven.  Some of FCM’s sponsored children are living in unbelievable conditions at a garbage dumpsite in the Philippines.

First, the Hell part:  Bev arrived at the dumpsite before me.  I arrived about two hours later to find my wife with panic in her eyes and face.  She said, “We have been in Hell!”  Upon my inquiry, she explained that what she and the rest of our team saw on this massive dumpsite was beyond disgusting.  Bev was weeping almost uncontrollably.  She does not normally weep about much of anything, ever.

Local and very effective Pastor Rudy manages the education and Christian training of 93 of FCM’s sponsored students.  I asked him to take me on the same tour Bev had made of the dumpsite.  I was made sick at my stomach at the smells and sights.  Huge pigs were routing in the garbage right along beside our children and some adults.  One mother pig was said to weigh nearly 400 pounds.  It is forbidden to sell pigs from the dumpsite in Iligan City because of the extreme filth they ingest.  We want to tell you more about this at a later time.

Second, the Heaven part.  That same night, those sponsored kids led a night of worship at the pole barn structure they call their church and community center.  These same kids were now cleaned up, had on fresh clothes and were ready to worship.

All those who lead the service were children on the dumpsite trained by Pastor Rudy and his local church team. There was a praise leader, praise team, dance troupe, many testimonies from the children about how they, scripture quotation (one girl quoted all of Psalm 91.  Another girl quoted some other long scripture passage. One little girl quoted all the books of the Bible in rapid fire.  And they had a designated preacher who was about 11 years old.

We shouted, praised and shed many, many tears, kids and adults alike.  It was like a heavenly experience.

Can you help us?  Consider becoming a part of the FCM team for the poorest of the poor children.  They are being given both a secular and biblical education.

A great need right now is for food.  Can you help us feed these children so that they can learn in school?


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  1. Judy Smith says:

    Hi Kathy, Bev, and Ras and others on the team…

    My heart breaks for these people. Their condition is one that is so typical of many countries throughout the world and it is through God’s chosen (like you) that they are reached with the Father’s love. We forget that we are created by the same Creator and that each child, each teen, and each adult are equal in His sight and there is not one that He loves more than the other. I often ask myself, “Lord, why am I so blessed and others have nothing, for even the poorest here in USA are rich as compared to the majority of the world?”

    I believe that I hear Him say,” I do not see that you are any more blessed than the poorest person, but in whatever you have, you are called to touch someone else’s life with it. The child on the dumpsite will bless you with their song, with their prayers, and will remind you of My love for them and for you. You, in turn, can extend your hand with something that I have given to you and I will use it to bless them. It is My desire that all My children will be provided for and touched with My love through each other. For whatever you do to help the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you are doing for Me.”


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