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February 27, 2011, Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Last Saturday, we visited the “children under the bridge” in Villa Nueva, near Cagayan De Oro.  It was like a homecoming for me.  Several years ago, I visited these children, first arriving by climbing down a treacherous roadside embankment with the assistance of pastors attending with me.  It was almost pitch dark.  As we approached the children themselves, we saw them standing with bowls and spoons in hand before a fire fueled cooking pot from which they would receive a small portion of rice and even smaller piece of chicken.  The women cooking the meal were led by Pastora Bebe Durante, wife of Pastor Virgilio (we call him TaTa) Durante.  The children were broadly smiling and laughing with joy.  They were about to be fed.  The women were glowing with love and compassion from the joy of serving these children.  The children numbered about 50.

I was invited to greet and speak words of encouragement to these children.  Tears formed and flowed through my spontaneous smiles.  God put these children in my heart that night and I told them we would trust God to send those to school who wished to go.  They cheered.  When I arrived home, I wrote about these children.  God then raised up child sponsors for all those children.  The sponsors have been faithful these years to their sponsored child(ren).  It is a beautiful thing.

Several of these children have now risen to the top of their school classes.  Who knows but what a President of the Philippines will someday come from one such as these children under the bridge.

Now back to last Saturday.  Our team arrived at about 10:00 a.m. to see not 50 children but probably 150 children.  They danced several choreographed routines to our delight, sang some happy songs to us and even had a little soloist bless us with her song.  Pastor and Pastora Durante, together with their own biological adult children, Shaun Mark, Kaye Treasure and Jason serve with many from their church to minister to these children.  Pastors Durante and their personal family sponsor several children as well.

Good news is that the children under the bridge, together with their parent or parents (if they have them still) now attend the Durante’s church in the city.  A bus picked them up and brings them to church.  The church has grown to capacity of about 350 Sunday attendance.  They are needing to double their seating capacity and already have the physical foundations ready from previous structures beside the present auditorium.  Their present sound system is terrible but it worked for me last Sunday.  It needs to be totally replaced.

IMPORTANT.  I ask the Pastors how many children and qualified and ready for school but has no sponsor.  They immediately answered “20.”  We simply must trust God for those 20 faithful sponsors who will commit to these “20” children.  Bev and I are at capacity personally, sponsoring five children.  That is all we can afford.

PRAY.  Would you pray about sponsoring one or more of those “20” children?  If so, go to: and click on the button “Sponsor A Child” and you will be taken to a simple and easy way to sponsor a child:  $30.00 a month or $360.00 Annually.  Bev and I invite you to the team!

Bev and I surely hope you will respond in the affirmative.




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