Archive for February 14, 2011

In the Spirit I saw an old western movie town with gunfighters anxiously roaming the streets.  It reminded me so much of the famed old movie “Shoot Out at the O. K. CORRAL.”  Many were in the town saloon.  A few were still riding their horses.  Gunshots were heard over the yelling of violent men wearing black hats.  Most were shouting to top of their lungs.  They were terrorizing the town.

The rabble rousers were getting louder and louder with obscenities.  They kept shouting “Take the Town and the People.”  You could quickly see their arrogance, hate and meanness.  There had fire in their eyes and you could sense their utter determination to kill and destroy.

The normally peaceful citizens were alarmed and afraid.  Most of them were hiding in their houses and behind buildings.  They never imagined this would happen to them and their otherwise peaceful town.

Suddenly there was a very loud voice heard.  Only the people of the town could hear it.  The voice was strong and totally confident.  The voice said “Prepare for War.”  It was the voice of the Lord God Jehovah.  He would give them, if they heard His voice and obeyed, battle plans, together with all the weapons they needed.  His hand of favor would be upon them.  In addition, He sent war angels to fight at their side.

They cleaned and oiled their guns, resetting their gun sights.  Next, they sharpened both edges of their swords and knives.  Their courage was building.  Confidence was rising in their hearts.  They had suddenly been given all the boldness they would need for the battle.

The Lord says, “This is not a day to be slack.  No dozing and snoozing for you.  Sit and stand up straight.  It is time for the war of wars.  If you do not fight in this war, the enemy will take you, your town and your nation to ruins.  Man the battle posts.

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not of.    Set your ear and focus your mind on My voice.  I am your commander-in-chief.  We will win this battle.

Prayers and intercessions are my strategies.  Steeped in and walking in Godly wisdom will be yours if you ask, listen and obey what you hear.  Peace will come but at a price.”

Ras Robinson