“Lost Boys” of Sudan by Bev Robinson

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

About two years ago someone gave me a cloth map of the world and I brought it home for our church.    A few Sundays later we were singing a song that had the words about dancing on injustice.   Someone mentioned that we needed to dance on the injustice that was going on in Sudan and got out the cloth map.  Many of us especially the children had a good time dancing on injustice.  The next week we saw in the news that there had been a breakthrough in that country where much suffering was going on especially with the Christians.

That began our praying for the county of Sudan and especially our Christian sisters and brothers.  I just ordered a DVD about the lost boys of Sudan who walked across the desert to find refuge.  They had been shepherding the family herds away from the villages when hoards of Muslim destroyed their homes, killing the men and raping and kidnapping the women and girls for slaves, and sex slaves.

These boys walked across many many miles to go to refugee camps.  Then later some were sponsored to come to the USA.  They had help in getting jobs but many wanted to get an education.  People stared at them because they were blacker than most of the Afro- Americans in town.  They had young men come to their apartment doors and rob them at gun point.  Some back in Sudan pressured them to send money, because of the poverty there.   They did not have the support of their families as the people who had to flee South Viet Nam did when they too were displaced from their country, and it has been very hard for these boys to do this alone without family support.

In Sudan there has just been an election which was for separating the country into two countries, the Muslims to the north and the Christians in the South.  The South is where most of the oil is located so there seems to be another challenge in the making.  Let us join in prayer for Sudan and especially for the so called “Lost Boys.”

  1. Deborah Stephens says:

    Dear Father in Jesus’ name we thank you that the “Lost Boys” have grown into “Men Found In Christ Jesus.” It was only yesterday that one of the televised news commentaries I watch reported on those boys that had come to the United States and are returning to southern Sudan with MBA degrees. They have chosen to forsake the six-figure salaries and lifestyle that could be found in America and return to their homeland and people and their destiny in Christ. Holy Father, I thank you for birthing this new nation of South Sudan and bringing full term this country’s full destiny in Christ and that her people fulfill the purpose for which you have called and now manifest them as a nation. Oh God, bring them to full term that they may grow, prosper and glorify the God of Israel. Protect them, O’ King of kings and help them by your Holy Spirit. O’ God, a sign and wonder to us — a new nation in a new season for new Kingdom purposes. Amen.


  2. Judy Smith says:

    I stand in agreement with the “double Bev’s” prayers 🙂


  3. Bev Hill says:

    Last night (Feb. 2) the Lord led our family to pray Psalm 2 over the nations.


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