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Posted: December 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

May we call your attention to a new post “Pray for the Nation of Thailand” by Peggy Morton.  Peggy is a member of Fullness in Christ Church, Fort Worth and works part-time for Fullness in Christ Ministries.  She and her daughter Samantha (Sam) are precious souls to us.  We introduce you and commend her and her writing, research and intercessions to you today.

Peggy has found a way to link “AlertNet” to blog in such a way that you can get instant background and current information of each country for which we pray.  We have used AlertNet before and find it to be most useful to inform our intercessions.  Go to Peggy blog entry “Pray for the Nation and Thailand” on the current blog, read and enjoy your intercession for Thailand.

Please join with us in this great quest for the nations.  Ask God to put them, Thailand in particular, in your heart.  The power of your intercession in unimaginable.  Thanks.

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