North America – Prayer for the Nations

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

United States and Canada

Prayer for the nations of The United States and Canada




    • ras65a says:

      Yes Irma, we are adding Mexico. It is already heavy on our hearts for so many reasons. Lord, touch this great nation in transformation and blessings.


  2. Judy Smith says:

    “LORD, I ask for Your glory and LIGHT to fill the heavens and fall on Canada. LORD, members of my family await Your touch…move their hearts toward You, LORD. I rebuke the enemy, in Jesus name, for all he has stolen from their lives and I release Your kingdom dominion and authroity over my sons, my brothers and sisters, my Dad and proclaim their destiny IN YOU to be fulfilled this day! I pray for the GLORIOUS LIGHT of Your presence to shine through Your sons and daughters to dispel the darkness throughout Canada; for where Your LIGHT is darkness cannot exist! For Your Word says, “Your hand is not shortened that it cannot save, or Your ear dull, that it cannot hear…and I and others are standing in the gap for all those people in Canada who sit in darkness and we speak Your LIFE into their spirits, now, in Jesus name! I trust in Your amazing grace Lord…manifest Your glory this day…amen and amen.”


  3. Judy Smith says:

    I see 2011 as a year of many doors being opened to the Gospel; many hearts seeking Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There will be many doors closing as well, but even as they are closing, God will have anchored a very spiritually strong remnant in those places where there seems to be little hope.

    It will be a year of unprecedented growth in the underground Church throughout all nations of the world. Why? The Church (the Bride) will now continually grow in strength and in anointing as the world is enshrouded with deepening darkness. People will be reaching out in desperation for the HOPE that Christ Jesus alone can give. I see a GLORIOUS CHURCH arising and shining with God’s love and it is moving out of stationary buildings and into the streets, byways, and highways.

    Members of the Body of Christ will be as trees of righteousness; bowed down with the heavy bunches of fruit which are an outgrowth of God’s love which has been cast abroad in the hearts of His people by Holy Spirit. The fruit will draw people by the thousands out of their personal areas of darkness and into Christ’s glorious Light. The Fruit, the Bread, and the Water from the River of Life…all shall be poured into and out of the Body of Christ throughout the nations to give to the vast multitudes who will eagerly accept it and will eat and drink and they will never hunger and thirst again!

    It will be a year of GREAT HARVEST; especially in the very young children and young teenagers and it will be gathered in this SEASON OF GREAT DROUGHT: for God’s ways are not ours and He will do what seems impossible to man. Go about the business our Father has called you to; do not look to the right or to the left, but go forward, trusting in Him to fulfill His perfect plan in you, through you, and into the world around you.

    In daily prayer and in fasting, seek Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, an dwith all your strength and REJOICE, SING PRAISES, and GIVE GLORY TO GOD for His ABUNDANT BLESSINGS that ARE YOURS! Amen.


  4. Bev Hill says:

    Lord, allow truth to be revealed in the United States after this tragic event. Be glorified in the results of all that is happening.


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