Middle East – Prayer for the Nations

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, Eqypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Jerusalum, Isreal, Syria, Iran, and India

Prayer for the nations of Israel (with special emphasis on Jerusalem), Syria, Egypt, Iran, Somalia, Kenya, Liberia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and India.

  1. Albertine Omani says:

    Lord, I lift up the nation of Ethiopia before you. I pray that the door will be open to reach the unreached people groups with the Gospel. I pray for a breaking of Islamic and animist strongholds over the people. Lord, soften their hearts, destroy the strongholds in their minds, remove the veils from their eyes that they might see the light of the glory of God in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, prepare the preachers who you will send. Cause them to be willing in this great day of your power. I speak your blessings over the nation of Ethiopia.


    • Bev Hill says:

      Last night, I learned that when my husband and I meet with his family today to celebrate Christ’s birth, there will be a girl there with us from Ethiopia. She is a foster sister to my husband’s nephew’s new wife. My spirit became excited to meet her. I ask the Father to order my thoughts, conversation, and prayers today as I talk with someone from Ethiopia. I ask the Father to send his Holy Spirit to guide me.


    • ras65a says:

      Lay this great nation of Ethiopia on our hearts Lord. They have suffered long and endured more than their share of sorrow and shame. And yet in the core of their being they are being drawn to you. Pull them in close to you hear Lord and heal their land. Lead them into all of your promises, in Jesus’ name.


  2. Judy Smith says:

    My prayer for Kenya and the nations of Africa is , “Lord, I thank You for this hour in the world today; filled with darkness, for You have called the sons of light to GLORIFY YOUR NAME through all the world. I thank You that You are already manifesting Your glorious presence in all the nations throughout the world through those You have chosen; the Royal Priesthood, a holy nation. You have called us to intercede and our prayers are being heard and answers already manifesting in the earth today! You have called this the “Season for the Intercessors” and I thank You for the connections You are making globally to build the foundation (prayers) that will usher in the power of Almighty God to create world changes that will bring many souls into Your kingdom. Father, I call on You to give us hearts that will stand fast in our calling; that we will take up the prayers that You give us to pray (as a spear in our right hand). That we will run with this spear in our hand until we KNOW we have penetrated the targeted issue and that it is finished and we KNOW Your glory fills the situation. When the enemy comes in like a flood, Holy Spirit we trust in You to lift up a standard against him. Amen.”

    “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: BUT THE LORD shall rise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and FLOW TOGETHER, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; beacuse the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unot thee” (Isaiah 60: 1-6; Rev. 22: 1,2).

    When I was in Nakuru, Kenya…I spoke to the women about things they were possibly going through…abuse, single parents, HIV/AIDS, lack of food for children, no jobs, all the things that cause wounding and pain in their spirit, soul, and body. I spoke of “daily, continual prayer” for their spiritual strength and that would help them deal with the physical issues. Many came forward for prayer, one young lady gave her heart to Jesus, one was demonized and was delivered and FILLED with baptism of Holy Spirit…very joyful:) and many were encouraged in their spirits through prayer.

    I also felt led to pray for the children (the next generations) and there were about 70 there from 10-12 yrs down to in womb. I asked them to come line up across the front of platform; they lined up single file down the center isle. (God knows what He is doing:))! As I began to pray for the children, Holy Spirit gave me a song…it was about the “RIVER of LIFE”…it started in a tune I knew, but the tune changed somewhere and new words came out of my heart (I do not remember them). I TRULY BELIEVE that His RIVER OF LIFE touched each child there. There was such PEACE in the church…complete silence during and for a few minutes after. I was greatly humbled and overcome by His presence and great manifested love for all of His children; no matter where they are.

    I feel the LORD would say to you, “Be encouraged in what I have called you to do. For I am with you. As a river flows, so shall My love flow into you and through you to those I have and will connect you to. There is fruit for you to eat from the trees alongside the River and once you have eaten, your life will be the food and healing for all those I bring to you. Allow Me to choose the course of your journey through life; in Me there is stability and infinite peace.”

    God bless each of you in your journey with Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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  4. Judy Smith says:

    “Lord, we lift up the nation of Egypt to You this day and pray that Your kingdom come and Your will be done in the lives of those who are in positions of leadership and in the lives of all the millions of people who live in this land. Lord, there is a majority of the people who are under the age of 30 years and Lord, I ask that You will soften their hearts in order that they will be receptive to Holy Spirit’s conviction; that they will recognize their need for Jesus, the Christ.

    I pray for every nation (Israel, USA, etc) that is going to be touched by what happens in Egypt in the coming days; I pray for mercy Father. I am persuaded that “nothing is impossible” for You, Father and that nothing happens without Your allowing it to happen. Prepare our hearts Lord; prepare us to stand in faith and trust in You in all things. Thank You, Lord. Amen.”


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