Ireland and England – Prayer for the Nations

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized


United Kingdom - England and Ireland

Prayer for the nations of Ireland and the England

  1. Bev Hill says:

    Father, may I stand in for England and ask for forgiveness. As a nation I repent for going into other nations, including Kenya and other African nations, and taking lands and displacing peoples without even bothering to learn the people’s langauges or learn how the native peoples’ own governments and societies were already set up. I ask forgiveness for breaking up family units and communities, eventually leading to much blood shed and sorrow. Forgive us for the damage done. Forgive us for trying to make a huge empire for ourselves without direction from you. Forgive us for esteeming another man, made in your image, as lower worth than ourselves. Let your empire come, your will be done in us. I also forgive the peoples of these nations who out of frustration and anger, killed many of our people, particularly in Kenya.


    • ras65a says:

      Bev, I join in this prayer for it is my heart as well towards England. Lord, strengthen our bonding with this great nation that sowed seed into our nation for so many years. Let revival, your revival, sweep over ten like a heavy snow covers the earth.


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