Asia and The Pacific Islands – Prayer for the Nations

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Author - Peggy Morton, Philippines
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Phillipines, Thailand, North Korea, South Korea and Japan

Prayer for the Nations of Asia and The Pacific Islands

Seek out and ask the Lord to guide you to intercede for Japan, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.

Many people have asked us, “Just how do I go about interceding on behalf of a country and its people?” We suggest that you follow the link to right to view the Country Profile. provides a profile for every country that will give a feel for the people and culture. Then review the “News and Alerts” for that country. These two resources will give you a good feel for the pulse of what is going on in and where to focus on specific, pinpoint prayer for the country. For instance, I know fairly little about Thailand. With these two links, I can have a fairly comprehensive idea of what type of intercessory prayer may be needed for that country.

Alertnet is an awesome site! We already have a posted prayer on this blog for Ethiopia that came in right after we posted the Middle East map. This is so great because with just the framework in place, the posts and prayers start to create a life of their own as they transition to a global prayer network! It has been our desire for a long time to see this come to fruition. We hope you will be as blessed by it as we are. God Bless You!

  1. Leo Rusenas says:

    When I first came into the Kingdom, I was aware that the Lord wanted every part of my heart and that I was to withold nothing from my King. I was to turn over to Him every dream and desire that I had, and let Him only be the ruler of my life. I was in my early thirties then, and in my bucket list was the desire to sail around Cape Horn and visit the islands of the Pacific. I had consiously surrendered all to my Lord, but the desire to sail the islands I resisted to my utmost being. After much, and many days, wrestling, I finally relented and said “Lord, if I am to choose between you and my dream, I choose You. Please take the one thing left that I wanted for myself.” Then i heard Jesus say to me, “Thank you, my son. Because you have witheld nothing from me, I will give you the desire of your heart, and I will send you to the Islands in my Name!”
    This was thirty years ago and I still believe the words and promise of my Lord.
    Four years ago I was sent to Rogers, Arkansas to build a new Chuck E Cheese store. One friday evening I heard Holy Spirit say, “Go to the high place where I send you and as the sun sets, blast your shofar over the hills of Arkansas.”
    As I followed Holy Spirit’s directions to “turn left, turn right” I ended up at Ecclesia College, a small twenty acre campus on a hill outside Springdale, Arkansas. I had arrived quite early, so I started praying and worshiping. I took out my golf clubs and drove a small bucket of golf balls from the top of this hill into the pasture below. The time seemed to stand still and the sun just hung in the sky. I was getting impatient and felt like blowing my shofar and heading back to town (there was a worship service I wanted to go to) before the sun had hit the horizon, but I sensed Holy Spirit bidding me to be obedient to His exact word and wait. And so, wait I did. It was like watching and waiting for water to boil. The sun seemed frozen in the sky! So I danced and declared the beauty of His creation and His love for us. Finally, the lip of the sun kissed the horizon and with shofar to my mouth, I released the call for the spirit of warriors to arise to their divine destinies and announced the lordship and presence of our King over Arkansas. I packed up my golf clubs and shofar and as I drove through the campus of Ecclesia, past the gymnasium building, I heard the sweetest sound of worship. If I had disobeyed my Lord, and blown the shofar early and left I would have missed what turned out to be His divine appointment for me. I parked and went inside to see a small gathering of short, stout island peoples with flowery shirts, shorts and many barefooted just beginning to worship in their native tongue. For three hours, during worship, prayer and sermon I did not understand a single word they said, but my soul rejoiced and my spirit bore wittness that it was all for our King Jesus. After the service I was embraced and welcomed by the pastor who told me that the preacher was an evangelist from Wahington state and that he wanted me to pray for him before I left. As I annointed the preachers head with oil and laid hands on him, I remember Holy Spirit spoke through me in prayer and prophesy over him and the Marshall Islanders. In those few hours the Lord knitted my heart together with theirs and reminded me of His promise so many years ago to give me the islands of the sea for my inheritance.
    When I returned home, I researched on the internet about the Marshall Islanders and what I discovered about these beautiful loving peoples crushed my heart. The largest community outside of their native atoll in the Pacific Ocean is in Springdale, Arkansas.
    Alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, vd, leprosy, gambling is rampant both at home and abroad.
    My bible says that the Name of Jesus is a Name above all names! The above are all just names and they have to bow to the Name of Jesus! I declare freedom for the Marshall Islanders in Jesus Name. I declare victory for the forces of Light! Jesus You are Light. In Jesus Name I tear back the veil of deceit from the eyes of your precious children and ask you, Holy Spirit, let the Light of your glorious Gospel shine into the hearts and minds of the Marshall Islanders, wherever they may be. I command their sprits to Arise! in Jesus Name. I speak the Love of God into their hearts. Father, I ask in the precious and Holy Name of your Son to send warring angels to combat the forces of darkness at work in the Marshall Islanders lives. I stand in the gap and repent on their behalf for rejecting You and Your Holy Son. I repent for enthroning alchohol and debauchery and violence in our lives instead of Your Word. I repent for refusing to choose “Life” and instead choosing “death”. Lord, today, I declare Your Lordship over the Tribe and tongue and Nation of the Marshall Islands. I invite you to be our King. We surrender our Islands to your Holy Reign! We surrender our hearts, our spouses, our children, our livestock and our livelyhood to you, this day. From this day forward, Heavenly Father, Lord and giver of Life, we ask, nay, we implore You, King of the Universe! In desparation we ask You, please send warriors and preachers (beside Larry Taylor) to our Island Nation to teach us to pray and to seek your Face. To teach us to be a Holy Nation sancitfied for Your purposes and for Your Honor and to Your Glory. This day, our Father, we pray in Jesus mighty Name.
    Thank you, Father, for we know that you have already answered our prayer! Amen.


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