Prayers Are Working: Breakthrough in Washington, D.C.

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

The tide is turning.  The logjam is loosening.  The kings are humbling themselves.  Do you know why?

It would be easy to say it is because of the economy, the November 2 elections, etc.  But I say it is because our prayers are being heard in Heaven and God is on the move.

Lord, we thank you for each and every prophetic intercessor on this BLOG.  Bless them for being faithful to pray for the righteousness of God to invade Washington, D. C. and cause our government to bend its knee to you.  We ask for total transformation to a government with Jesus as Lord and King.


We are rejoicing with you Lord.  Our hearts are tender and responsive.  Hear our prayers and act on our behalf as it pleases you.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


  1. Carol (Barnhart) Boring says:

    All I can say is, “Amen”. I stand in total agreement. 🙂


  2. Bev Hill says:

    Psalm 1:6 …the way of the ungodly shall perish.
    I see this “way” in our nation as men being used by evil to pass evil and oppressive laws. Lord Jesus block, this “way” in order that it will perish.
    1 Samuel 2:3 …the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.
    I see a scale with the Lord standing on one side and myself choosing to either pray and be obedient in what He tells me to do, or to be indifferent.


  3. Charles says:

    A-Men! Brother Ras…
    The Intercession of The righteous make’s the difference…
    As we read Numbers 21:7 It takes those called by GOD to Intercede through the direction of The Holy Spirit of “GOD in Christ” that abides in ” US ” to make a difference in this would and The building of “The Kingdom of GOD” here and now! Isaiah 53: 11-12 and Romans 8:19-26

    Just as GOD raised up Moses to deliver and help the people in their delima from the fiery serpents sent to discipline the children of Israel for their disobedience and sin towards GOD for Moses was a Type of Christ… as “Moses interceded for and on behalf of the people” we must if we are truly called by GOD answer the call of his Creation as the whole earth is in travail for the revealing of The Son’s and Daughter’s of The Most High GOD..We must allow the One True GOD’s Spirit of Intercession to travail through US to bring about the purpose and will of Our Great GOD and Savior The Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill the calling You and I were called into as Kings and Priests of His Kingdom…Isaiah 66:5-24 to make Disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ and make Intercession on behalf of the ignorant and misguided of this worlds man-made religious system and the false god’s behind them. Ephesians 6:12


  4. lilyangel1 says:

    As we celebrate Advent (His coming) and celebrate His birth, we are to pray in the here and now for all people, just as we are to do so on a daily basis before our feet hit the floor in the morning, throughout our day, and in the evening before sleep. Yes the times of which we all are living are spoken of in scripture…yet even He does not know the time of His return. This only means one thing: He will return! Living with that expectation, and Hope encourages us to care not for only ourselves but for others. Leaders across all nations are being prayed for by God’s leading His sheep, His righteous, His priests, ministers, pastors, martyrs, afflicted ones, all who are gifted through Him for Him in Glory are to put themselves in the places of which He is calling them into. Our earthly mission as prayer warriors, intercessors, prophets is to proclaim the Lords prayer and pray it with Faith, and LOVE.
    We see the falling of many leaders, whose selfishness or greed overcame them, whose worthiness may have started out with Hearts in right places, but became hardened to what the Lord provided them to use for the Good of All people. Pray for the Government of the world entities, for as God so shall reign…the Rains of the Holy Spirit shall sweep away the unholy. Good will overcome Evil. Evil has no chance. Standing Firm in our Belief of Agape Love from God, coming together under His authority, to do what He brought us to do for HIM..with eyes which see the change coming swiftly, with ears that hear His call, with mouths to Proclaim and spread the Gospel as it is written. Put on the Seal of Jesus Christ upon our minds, bodies, and spirits, rebuking all that is not from God. The battle we fight, is the mountains we shall move…”Let there be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me” is our Hope…for in Him, through Him, and For Him we do His work not our own. Amen


    • Judy Smith says:

      Your words speak to my heart lilyangel1. Especially in that the LORD will place each of us where we need to be and Holy Spirit will look after dealing with the issues we are faced with. We are only called to stand faithful in what HE HAS PREPARED US FOR AND CALLED US TO DO…PRAY…allowing Him to look after the rest.

      I see the words “coming together under His authority” leap out at me…He IS CONNECTING the Body of Christ in UNITY, in ONE SPIRIT…preparing His GLORIOUS Church to arise!

      I am also thinking of Esther and I see her as a type of the “INTERCESSORS for this SEASON”…the KING saw Esther standing in the court, he was pleased with her and held out to her the GOLD SCEPTER that was in his hand…The LORD is extending His favor over all we are called to pray for. Our requests are heard and the answers guaranteed, by the King of kings. 🙂


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  6. Ann Anderson says:

    As we continue to pray for the nations to come to the Light, I would like to share a portion of a word released March 5 by Munday Martin (I believe it was released on The Elijah List):

    “Zechariah 12:10 talks about the Spirit of grace. Supplication and prayers for revival going up for millennium are about to be poured out on the nations. It will take the Spirit of grace to go into the dark places and reap! He will make it fun! The enemy knows it is a time of great harvest in the earth and he has tried to stop you, but the God of supernatural peace is about to crush satan under your feet. As you fully embrace the Helper, the Holy Spirit of God, you will begin to live the promise to implement God’s rule, dominion, and reign over the nations Jesus gave to the overcomers in Revelation 2:26: And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.” []



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