Prophetic Intercession Like A Giant Wheel

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I, the Lord, desire that you see the power of your prayers and intercessions.  You are standing in the gap for nations, this is good.  This finds favor in My heart and thus I want to explain something to you.

The hub of this prophetic intercession wheel is your fervent prayers for the nations with clarity and unity.  First you are to be clear and bold about your mission when you pray.  And then you have submitted yourself to one another in unity as did the disciples on the rooftop “upper room” after Jesus ascended.  Remember that the world was changed and is being changed by those unified believers paying in unity with clarity for the nations of the earth.

The spokes of the wheel are the nations I put on your heart.  Through you, those nations will be greatly changed to align with My purposes.  Prepare yourself for the shock of your life as you literally see all this unfold in goodness before you that you have prayed.

Finally, the rim or the part that touches the ground is the will of God in your heart that leads you to seek and obey My mandates.  You are about to receive many mandates.  Be ready to go or stay, to run or sit, to intercede or just wait.  Listen carefully.  Obey fully.

President Obama had his lip split two days ago while playing basketball.  It took twelve (12) stitches to repair it.  Pray that now he will be more careful in what comes from his lips to his own nation and to other nations.  Pray that the twelve stitches will quickly heal his lip.  Those twelve stitches represent authority and government.  Pray that he will  submit himself to the twelve for his own healing and for the healing of America, the Koreas and China and other nations.  Pray that God himself will choose the twelve.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Our Lord!)


  1. Carole Ross says:

    I am in total agrrement!! I receive the same understanding and revelation as soon as I heard it on the news!!! Yes, we will pray as spoken by the Lord through your blog… We must pray in the Spirit even past the thought of I can’t keep going. The Holy Spirit will make utterances we can’t!! Romans 8:26-28… Amen!!! His perfect will will be accomplished!!!
    Abundances of Love and Blessings to each of you all!!!


  2. Vivian says:

    On 11-25-10 as I was thanking and praising the Lord, I posted the following on FB under my stat which begins, “TY Lord Jesus Christ…” · 1 · Delete Vivian Vaughn Carpenter Hallelujah! We thank You for Your goodness Lord! I am hearing, “cleft lips are being healed” Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Whether spiritual or natural, I do not know, but a “cleft is a split or a gap between two things” Many verses deal with the lips, but this one in Isaiah 57:19AMP stands out. “Peace, peace to him who is far off [both Jew and Gentile] and to him who is near! Says the Lord; I create the fruit of his lips, and I will heal him [make his lips blossom anew with anew with speech in thankful praise]. [Acts 2:39; Eph 2:13-17,18; Heb 13:15] As I was thinking over this, the Pres came to mind. Let us thank the Lord for what He is doing Removing the evil and lying lips from around him and giving him lips of unfeigned and guiless praise.


  3. lilyangel1 says:

    Dear Father God, in agreement we pray and lift up President Obama and his staff in the name of Jesus Christ.We pray that you take away the wicked from before these rulers in authority in the United States, and with other countries whom they govern and or affiliate with, so that our government will be established in righteousness. We beseech thee oh Lord, for your wisdom and direction for government leaders in the nations for whom we are praying. For their hearts to be opened to receive the Word of God, salvation in Jesus Christ alone. For the eyes of their understanding to be opened to truth in God’s word.We pray that the laws of our nation and its leaders to be established on honest biblical principles, for the revival through your Holy Spirit of sweeping through the government offices where no seed planted through you will be stolen, binding all violence and antichrist spirits over these agencies. Bind away the powers of the enemy, loose them from false gods, ancestral traditions, and any other influences or spirits that keep them from receiving the full gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that our president and his staff will give stability to the land by justice, surround them with many wise and righteous counselors who love peace. Provide stability to to the land and the nations, and that these leaders in authority will deliver the needy, redeeming their lives from oppression, from poverty, from hunger, from violence. I pray that prayer shall be made for the needy continuously, and that men shall be blessed by these leaders and that all nations shall call them and You blessed. Please give our leaders the knowledge of Your ways, Oh God, and give them your love, mercy, grace and wisdom to do what is good and acceptable in your sight, for You desire all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. We thank you God for in unity we pray before you, we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, and we praise your Holy name in gratitude for hearing our prayers from wherever we sit, stand, kneel or pray for our country our government leaders, and for the nations to receive your heavenly protections and guidance. Amen


    • Deborah Stephens says:

      Oh AMEN! This prophetic revelation through Apostle Ras and this explicit fervant intercession by lilyangel1 says it all for me. O’ precious Jesus’ we bless your name and our beloved Holy Spirit for counseling us and giving us the will of our Father and King to believe, pray, agree and decree in earth as it is in Heaven. May You be glorified O’ God as your Throne and Scepter are rule forever and ever. We love You and thank you with all our hearts for what you are doing and especially only those things that God Almighty can do that we cannot but we come together as one believing You for it. Thank you, Jehovah God! We bless your name!!!


  4. Marty Vandaveer says:

    Humility is what HE seeks. Recently as I was spending time with the Lord, he shared this greatest wisdom about leadership. His words were “You live as kings when you were appointed as servants.” First instinct was to look at our government…..but he was not stopping there! This statement was for all who are in a leading role. Husbands, mothers, business owners/employers, etc. And as I listened to his voice he spoke the word “groundswell.” The meaning 1) a sudden gathering force, as of public opinion 2) a broad deep undulation of the ocean, often caused by a distant storm or an earthquake. OR perhaps those gathering together in one spirit and purpose to lead a nation back to obedience. Our direction for prayer is evident, and you are so on target. The ocean is roaring and storms and earthquakes are shaking the earth. And the spirit of the Lords says “groundswell.” A gathering force of prayer warriors called to a purpose can change the direction of nations.

    Just recently


    • ras65a says:

      Oh Lord, let the groundswell of prophetic intercession envelope us all. May we drop to our knees, rid ourselves of judgments and stereotyping and just get gut honest about our condition. Break our hearts over the condition of our nation.

      Let the oceans road.

      Thanks Marty, we need you, Ras and Bev


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