Springtime in Winter Phenomenon

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

You will see a thawing, a season of remarkable revival.  Kings will sing in the choir, dance in the altar, humble themselves before Me and their fellowman.  Good and better times are on the way. Your faith will be tried as you seek to take in and process My goodness coming in an altogether unexpected way.

Kings will step down from their arrogance and pride, humbling themselves in apologies and restitution.  These are things only I can do, says the Lord.  But you will rejoice greatly in these.  Be patient and watch me work.

Kings will be observed playing, dancing and singing in the school yard.  In the midst of discontent, I am sending an “Indian Summer” in the midst of the times of cold.  Cold shoulders.  Cold hearts.  Cold relationships.  Cold wars again.

Your prophetic intercessions especially for the nations of the U.S.A. and Kenya have found My heart.  I have responded.

Now offer thanksgiving to Me as never before.  Join the singing, dancing and reveling in the goodness of your God and true King Jesus.




  1. Rachel says:

    Yes, I claim it, I live it, I speak it! I agree and worship our true King Jesus!


  2. Deborah Stephens says:

    You can even “feel” the Spirit of God on this one – a prophetic word with wisdom and instruction. Bless You — our awesome God, great King and loving Father!


  3. Peggy Morton says:

    We are having the first real fall colors that we have not had in years in Texas. It makes me want to go and dance among the trees and the leaves. I feel the spirit quicken in me, as I twirl and lift up to the heavenlies, thinking revival, regeneration, renewal!


  4. Judy Smith says:

    My husband and I will leave for Kenya on the 29th and will return Dec 10th; we were there in Chuka last year and have raised some support through a calendar I had produced of this trip. We have the privilege of taking the money with us and giving it to the Women’s Minsitry Outreach.

    I am to speak at a Women’s conference Dec 3-5th and the topic God gave me is “Intercessory Prayer For the Nations” 🙂 There will be women from 3 nations of Africa represented and me (Canada/USA:)) and I will use one of the sessions to actually have the women ENGAGE in the activity of Prayer and I have the assurance in my spirit that this time will undergird what IS to be the MIGHTIEST move of Holy Spirit throughout all nations of the world! It will be a colossal tsunami with waves of restoration of things lost, revival of hearts gone cold, regeneration of new LIFE! There are intercessors positioned all over the world and they are in UNITY and IN ONE SPIRIT….in preparation of a Bride who is Pure and Spotless…shining and glorious before her Husband! A week after we leave Kenya, there will be a Pastr’s conference that will be represented by Congo (Brazzaville), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, S Africa, and Ethiopia. Holy Spirit goes before us, behind us, and He is with us (around us) to accomplish the glorification and lifting up of Jesus, who is HOPE & LIFE.

    I personally hope to come home with greater anointing to continue to intercede for the nations (all tribes and tongues) in the power of Holy Spirit. I see the days ahead as days that men and women from the African nations will come to North America with great anointing and signs and wonders will follow their preaching of the Gospel of Truth in Faith! I also see many others in all the nations of the world who are interceding and having incredible manifested answers to prayers being prayed from hearts who believe: the dead shall rise; the lame walk; and the blind see…hallelujah!
    It is also timely for my husband as he establishes relationships with the men in these countries.

    One of the things I will discuss in the message I present is the two ministries (behind the 2nd veil :)): Ministry of Kings and the Ministry of Priests. This example set by Jesus shows what God wants us to become. Revelation 1: 5, 6. As people of a kingdom it is our responsibility to rule the world for God; however, it is only when we learn to minsiter as priests can we do this. WHEN we LEARN TO PRAY, then we are qualified to rule. God has called each of you/me to this “high calling” for when we pray, we have reached the throne. As we DO IT, God will change us in ways we have done things before, but the differences will be evident in ANSWERED PRAYER.

    I ask for your prayer s as we travel; and for our time in Kenya. That in all we say and do; Christ Jesus will be lifted up and He will draw all men to Him. God bless you and have a great Thanksgiving!


    • Ann Anderson says:

      AWESOME WORD! ALL GLORY TO THE KING! YES–to claim it, live it, speak it!

      Blessings, Judy, as you go on your trip. “Interesting” that you have been called to go at just this time that this nation has been singled out for widespread prayer–and that you saw this call to pray and joined in! Truly God is at work.

      As I think about the picture of the Kiberia slum, I try to imagine what is in the Lord’s heart for those many people who are lost and destitute. I know His heart is moved…and thus, ours are moved. May His light shine brightly there and in all the darkness as His glory increases in these end-times, even as gross darkness covers the people. BUT GOD! Glory!


      • Judy Smith says:

        Thank you, for your prayers Ann. 🙂

        I find your comments on darkness, the lost, and the destitute interesting. Personally, I see North America (western world) as pretty “dark” on the whole. I believe we have some serious “vision” defects when it comes to looking at our own sins of both omission and comission. (Matthew 23: 27, 28) 🙂 One of my daily prayers as intercessor is Psalm 51: 7-12 for my life and that of the “Body of Christ”. That we will truly will begin radiating the Glory of God & brilliantly shine with His unconditional love! Just a thought.


    • ras65a says:

      Count on our prayers now and while you and you husband are gone. We will cover you with our prayers until you return.

      We would like for you so write intercessions and give live accounts of what is going on in Kenya, Chuka in particular.

      Greet the attendees with our best wishes and prayers. Tell them we stand with them in faith.

      Lord, bless Judy, her husband as they travel. Go before them and make the way straight. Holy Spirit, hover over them, the attending women.


      • Judy Smith says:

        Ras & Bev;
        I will definately extend your greetings to the people of Chuka, Kenya. My husband nad I appreciate and value your prayers.

        We had been home from Kenya 1 week on this date, when we got news that the husband of one of the leaders we had met and spent time with (University of Chuka: chairwoman) had been brutally murdered (PM of Nov 24th). She will be one I will see at the conference. It is not expected that the assailants will ever be found; but we know they cannot hide from God. Death is looked at much differently there; they appear to have greater acceptance of it than I have seen here; perhpas more fatalistic. They certainly “detach” themselves from visible emotion. Most of us have no comprehension of this type of oppression.

        We do not take computers or phones with us on our trips, but I journal and will let you know the “highs/lows” upon return. I DO take Holy Spirit with me 🙂 and trust in Him to provide us with whatever we have need of, when we have need of it. It was actually “blessed peace and relief” to get away from phones, etc. If we need one, there are many available:).

        God bless you…


  5. Bev Hill says:

    I will pray, Judy, each day starting the 29th and going through the 10th as I enter the upper room concerning your trip and those you will encounter. May hearts encounter the Spirit of God.


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