Reading the Clouds

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Prophetic Intercession

Two clouds (prophetically speaking) drifted over yesterday full of Holy Spirit rain for my soul, and maybe yours.  The first one is very personal.  The second has national and international implications.  I share them for your edification as a fuel for your fire of prophetic intercession for possessing nations with mandates.

Share what you felt when you listened to and saw this above YouTube presentation.

Cloud one came out of left field as my daughter Robin sent me a forward of the following.  With the forward was her statement, “I sat down and cried like a baby!”  With that, I knew I better take a look and listen.  Want a praise treat?  Macy’s Handel’s Messiah:

Here is what I came away with from that Handel’s Messiah presentation.  Something really, really good is about to happen.  Surely there will be the bad and the disappointing but God is about to bless us supernaturally.  Let us rejoice and be glad.

Cloud two: The Elijah List and Breaking Christian News that came yesterday contained a prophecy from Kim Clement.  I have read many of his prophecies.  But this one really struck home to me for America.

“I Have No Choice But to Bless Your Nation by Kim Clement –  Wednesday, November 11, 2010.The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News:

Please pray over and through this prophecy and share with us anything God says and you have permission to share.  For me, for the first in some time I am sensing hope rising up.  We would love hearing your take on this.

  1. Albertine Omani says:

    As for the first “cloud”, Handel’s Messiah, I was exhilirated to see such input to the Lord’s praise in a secular store. It is was truly amazing. I think it also confirms my response to the second, “cloud”, Kim Clement’s prophecy. God is truly with this nation. I was recently a part of a 40-dayfasting/ prayer movement and prior to that, a 21-day fast for this nation. These were both powerful. I believe that God has heard His people and is ready to heal our land.


  2. Aladrian says:

    Oh that God would break out into more and more random acts of glory like this all over the world, and particularly in our country! Oh that we would join Him and break out into random acts of love toward people, all people, any people! Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness and mercy! If we would see ourselves as a team participant in establishing His kingdom, maybe we would break out into unforeseen joy in unexpected places, like at work (e.g., giving a commendation to someone for no reason) or at the grocery store (e.g., giving the cashier an extra $5 for toward the bill of the next person in line) or even at church (e.g., giving a “Glory to God!” shout in the congregation in response to the Word or song, or thanking the musician for playing faithfully unto the Lord each week with a donation/handshake). Oh if we would rise up and show the Lord’s unfailing, undeserved love to the unexpected! Would it not wake up the sleeping, encourage the saddened heart, bring sunshine to the dreary, bless the lonely? Would it not show the love of Christ? What if we took the next step and reminded someone that God loves them at all times and without reservation? What if we just spoke it or wrote it in a card? For the LORD God omnipotent reigns! Let’s act like it! I am so inspired! I am so encouraged!

    And, I pray more fervently for God to use President Obama as He did King Cyrus and King Darius! I pray more fervently for us to give of ourselves, our time, our treasures, our talents, to go out of our way to give beyond our comfort. I pray for us to establish righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit wherever we go, with humility and kindness, which is so vastly different from what the flesh and the world offer. Politeness is never enough; love is what covers sin. OK, I need to stop but thank you for this offering. He reigns; may we remember it and celebrate it in faith and deed.


  3. Nicky Jo Herner says:

    I read Kim Clement’s post and I remember a vision I had over a year ago of seeing a big hill then I saw myself with military style boots stomp down that hill then I saw my hometown of Auburn, Nebr. The town had been hit with a bad economy in the last few years, it is a farming community and no one has been doing well. But I saw in my vision a sprawling, prosperous metropolis. I feel that I’m going to be a part of this resurgence of business and I wondered when all the bad things in the economy have been happening, how could this vision come to pass? Then just 2 weeks ago I heard the Lord tell me to invest in high yield, no load funds, that the stock market was going to explode! I pondered this and wondered to myself, Is this really You, Lord, that I’m hearing this from? I’ve told no one about this until now. After reading Kim’s post, it is making sense and I believe we’re about to see something happen suddenly.
    I’ve been praying for revival in my home church, which is a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, and I was told by a prophet that revival would come to my church, but that I wouldn’t like how God was going to do it. I’ve pondered that for a long time and 2 and 2 are starting to add up to 4 and make sense. It’s just taken so long and I’ve felt many times that all these things had passed me by, but I’m beginning to think, ‘not so!’ I believe in December before Christmas God will move in my life and in my church in a mighty way! Thankyou, Ras, for your post. It has reawaken hope in my spirit-man! And I’ve needed that badly.


    • ras65a says:

      All praise to Jesus. I felt Him impressing me to share the link as I did. Thanks for the confirmation. Let me agree with you about the revival in your church and also about the bonds.


    • ras65a says:

      Nicky Jo, thanks for being a part. May many more blessings come your way. You are welcome to share. Bev and I invite you to.


      • Nicky Jo Herner says:

        Ras and Bev, Thanks for your kind comments. I want to add that I live in a Chicago suburb and so I feel that Kim Clement’s words are for my area. I feel that when all this hits our nation, it could well last 100 years or more. Wendy Alec has a word on her site,, that America will be spared from judgement, by the prayers of the remnant. I believe that this word was given 2 or 3 years ago. It has been a while ago.


  4. Judy Smith says:

    I think of the woman who had a son who had just died and she went to Elisha and the first thing he asked, “Is it well with you? She answered (not according to physical realty, but according to her faith), “It is well.” (2 Kings 4: 26). I thought of her when I listened to the choir in Macy’s department store…and I believe there are many in America who have the same spirit of faith. I see FAITH RISING UP & BURSTING FORTH…as a FLAME that cannot be contained. It is the JOY OF THE REDEEMED…and the passage in Isaiah 35 perfectly describes what is in my spirit right now! Hallelujah!


  5. Peggy Morton says:

    There are stirrings in the heavenlies. We need to reach up for them and grab our inheritance. Not dither and dather with earthly buzz around us. Watch and listen for your right moment. Rise above the earthly plain. Do not let distractions take hold as they surely are the devil’s work to keep you held down at his level. Bind the devil, and loose the stirrings in the heavenlies! Our time for fanning the flames of revival across the nations has come!


  6. Ann Anderson says:

    OH, these are THE most encouraging words ever!!! Today is my birthday and I can’t think of a better gift. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE!

    “The Messiah” has been my favorite music since childhood (and that was a very long time ago!). I think it is unparalelled because of the anointing on it. To hear it sung in that environment was just overwhelming and to see the delight and participation of the hearers caused me to weep, too–and I’m not a crier. I also jumped up and down and raised my hands and praised the Lord right along with them. I tried to sing but was too choked up to get much out! My heart just overflows.

    And Kim Clement…..all I can think to say is “Praise the Lord!” Oh, to see it come forth!!! How blessed we are. The Lord’s mercies ARE new every morning and GREAT is His faithfulness!

    Thank you again for sharing these words. Abundant blessings to Ras and Bev and all God’s chillun’ joining this prayer movement! What a precious gift we have in one another in the family of God–His remnant.


  7. Bev Hill says:

    Both the video and the prophecy brought not only instant HOPE but excitement and stirring inside of me of KNOWING our bridegroom is coming to his bride on this earth. I have been waiting and praying for this to start happening. I used to daydream about worshippers, freely worshipping on the public streets and public places, and people being drawn to Christ for salvation and healing. Then one day I saw a vision in my spirit. It was of a certain worship leader. She was walking down a street in a very large american city surrounded on both sides by sky scrapers with a stringed instrument in her hands. There were worshipping musicians and dancers following directly behind her and behind them, literally throngs of people following, crying to the Lord and worshipping, being drawn from all walks of life. The worship leader was not walking on the ground, but was raised up, walking forward on nothing! This is a vision I had not thought about for quite a while until I watched the video of Macy’s and read Kim’s prophecy.


  8. lilyangel1 says:

    The video brings forth Hope, Kim Clements prophetic words tell us that which is upon us. The clouds and winds of change that are sweeping across the nations are threads of light within us all, being called together in unity to pray for all nations, all leaders, and all people. Whereas the Lord God is baptizing through the Holy Spirit intercession, prayer warriors are raising their hands, getting on their bended knees, feeling the Heart of Jesus, called to be the lights in all dark places. Kenya, India, USA, need to spread the gospel among themselves and among one another, sharing the mystery of faith. For without praising our brothers and sisters, we are considered lost. All that is comes from God, all that shall be is His. We are the nations, we are His people, we are to rise up and stand firm in the providence of the Lord our God, proclaiming Jesus as our Savior, fervently praying for the oppression to be lifted in His name, for the poverty to be removed, from the pain and suffering to be released and be no more. What is the Lord speaking through His prophets, His disciples, His apostles, His saints, missionaries, priests, and even martyrs? Look to the skies my people and know that I am. Know that for faith and hope, there is peace, Hear, See and Do as I lead each to speak of my Glory, to reach every nation, take upon the crosses of which thou shall bear and believe in Me, for I alone am the Almighty and the Victory is the sanctification that is sweeping the land…Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, For those who do not know me, pray for them, for those who seek me, pray for them, for those in need let us pray for the divine mercy and grace to come into their existence, pray my people, pray as you have never prayed before in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity of One God for Peace, In Love, and In Hope. Amen


  9. Deborah Stephens says:

    YES!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this! Hallelujah to the King of kings invading the marketplace and the people did not resist THE KING! Our God, King and Father, we place the United States of American at Your Feet and Your Throne. Aid us in combating any takeover through Islam and Sharia law that would attempt to usurp the allegiance and devotion of the USA as a Judeo-Christian based nation. We worship you, O’ God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, our fathers, in Christ Jesus. Glory to our King forever and ever! Yes, Hallelujah! Light us on fire with remembrance of Your Praise and Worship, O’ King! Somebody blow the shofar! Our weaponry is not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds: Repentence and worship and rejoicing in Christ are keys to releasing the Kingdom to manifest. Did you see how the people were just overcome with a Third Day visitation of the Spirit of Jehovah God.


  10. Cynthia Walker says:

    I am an intercesser too! I often get Japan before an earthquake. I am praying for my mom and dad to understand how He speaks to us. He is really there all the time. Telling us where to read in His book. I also had a vision of the Statue of Liberty on toothpicks. We had 911. Lance Walnnau spoke about the mountains of influence. The mountains were covered in water only the peaks were exposed. My son had a dream the peaks were all broken with Light coming out! I will do in your day if it were told to you you would never beleive king Manasa Amen


  11. Cynthia Walker says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share and ask people to pray for America


  12. Sarah Severin says:

    I live in NE Colonear a ridge that is the highest place on the Great Plains. Have been praying for years for the altar of Baal to be fully destroyed and the Lord’s altar to be established. I meet monthly with women from a 100 mile radius toteach and pray. We feel as if we now have an open heaven. We are praying for an awakening and revival and feel it is near. Every prophetic word on the national level is encouragement to us. We have among us women who have much revelation about the clouds weather and land. We suffered through a long drought and much prayer went forth in every church. I think the prayer that brought the breakthrough was when my daughter prayed for “enough rain to quench the thirst of the land”…It was the first really unselfish prayer and we began to recieve rain. I’m going to pray that in the spirit for the drought in peoples souls. I’m also going to be sharing at our monthly meeting what glories are soon to come. Hallelajoh.


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