Third Great Awakening Has Officially Begun – September 11, 2010

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Third Great Awakening Has Officially Begun – September 11, 2010

Third Great Awakening has begun!  I heard it first from Dutch Sheets last Thursday night, September 9, in Denton, TX as the Glory of Zion Head of the Year 5771 conference.  I heard it again the next day, September 10 from Glenn Beck on the Bill O’Reilly show.  Both Dutch Sheets and Glenn Beck are saying the same thing, the Third Great Awakening has officially begun.

This means everything is about to change.  The sleeping giant of American is about to awaken from her sleep.  The Christians of American are hearing the call to righteousness and self sacrifice for the cause of Christ.

  1. lilyangeel1 says:

    Didn’t the Third Great Awakening occur in the late 1800-1900’s? Perhaps my research is wrong, so as I am learning discernment and seeking knowledge, I wonder if it is indeed the forth awakening. In questioning to gain understanding of the Truth, I looked at and, as well as wikipedia; yet to look in my concordance.
    Either way I most definitely sense God’s direct leading, through heavenly interventions, and the calling of true believers to prepare in steadfastness and authority. As the change that is happening in our world encompasses what is yet to come, those that hear, are able to see, and have the Holy Spirit within them are those who will be under the most spiritual warfare and attacks. Discernment is paramount for Christians, and as we all have different gifts given us by God, it is our responsibility to study the word, and apply it. Complete Trust and True Faith are being required, as those being raised up are being asked to do God’s work by and for the cause of Christ. The time for awakening is upon us. Moving in the Spirit is then, waiting and listening to what answer is given for our specific paths.
    As I’ve had ministry placed upon my heart in profound ways, and am asking for God’s leading, since I have a home church, but attend others as well. How does one become an Evangelist? Well a dream I had 8/26 was of a woman and a newborn baby, in a pool of water, they were completely submersed in the water 3 times, afterward I held the child’s hand and heard it in my mind say “I see you”. I heard myself say I love you and then the infant said I love you more. During the words I heard, the infants lips did not move. I was amazed yet frightened by what I saw, and suddenly see myself running down a darkened path with trees on both sides, and urgently by unseen force I am thrust back to stop running. That’s when I awoken. I am preparing for full immersion baptismal at a baptist church in the coming weeks for it is being received as in urgency. The following dream came to me 9/10: I’m in an underground structure where there are many people, relatives passed and not, the lights are soft and dim. There is much movement. I am in a area away from the waiting people, and am being dressed in some sort of celebratory garb or wedding dress only it is heavy, and has trimming of braid like material. The headpiece keeps falling off and it is shaped in a triangle, in like a grid-like fashion with pearls. It falls off several times and I am in a state of not understanding. When I woke up I heard the words “Praise your brother” loud and clear in a soothing but firm man’s voice. Thinking I was hearing things I opened my eyes and heard it again. Is it possible that the Lord has blessed me with these visions in preparation for the times which are upon Christians?


    • ras65a says:

      Your message here is heart-warming and prophetic as well. I sense that you are hearing the Lord in your own way. May I encourage you to seek Him with all your might. Walk in Godly counsel. Stay in tune and in sync with Scripture.

      You stand in a place with God like a vigilante assignment. Be holy as he is holy.


      • lilyangel1 says:

        Yes Ras, I most certainly am receiving many manifestations of the Holy Spirit by ways in which I am able to understand them. It is both in Praise and Thanks to the Great I Am that the assignments He placed upon me are humbly accepted. Although, with forseeing comes the wisdom of what is entailed during and after the call or purpose of God upon my earthly mission. The more I am reluctant to follow the paths that are being shown me (due to that which has been revealed to me-persecution) the more I hear and see the more instruction of discernment and wisdom in Truth that is revealed. This Holy Call is taken seriously even if felt unworthy to be established by me. In all things I praise God for His blessings, annointing, guidance, and strength. For without Him in front and in back of where ever I might be, I know I may not be here today. He directs my steps and goes with me for it is for His Glory and Purposes that this vessel is being used! Victory in the Name of Jesus Christ will remain, however it shall be harvested through Him working through me. I am unafraid. Dear Father God make me into who you want me to be for I serve only you. Amen


  2. Father God has instructed, and I have followed. In His Light and for His will and purposes that of which he has provided, has been profound, prophetic, and perfected in His image. For all that has yet to be seen shall be seen. It is with the knowledge and wisdom that He hath given unto me, that I humbly choose to obey. Even in reluctance as a child- in itself has naught. For through Him that which is within me, the choice has already been made.
    To the nations I cry out Sing, Praise, and PRAY. Gather together in unity in the name of the great I AM…for it is you who have been chosen for battle.
    For the leaders whose indignation of corruption has grasped their very souls, the salvation that which has been offered remains.


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