Prophets and Seers School

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Prophets and Seers  School

CDs and DVDs now available fromSchool of Prophets and Seers

A Part of School of TyrannusFive Sessions Taught by Ras Robinson

Recorded Live at Fullness In Christ Church, Fort Worth, TX

The earliest call and spiritual gifting in my life was that of a prophet and seer.  As a teenager, I knew that I heard and saw things differently than those around me.  I grew to know the voice of the Lord speaking in all things around me.  I was a dreamer and visionary in the making.  the seed was there.  But my Methodist doctrines made no room for my experience.  Later on, becoming a Southern Baptist, there was still no room for my calling and gifting.

As life progressed, I found various spiritual streams wherein I could fish and swim.  My heart longed for mentoring and teaching.  The first real breakthrough came thorugh read John Sandford’s book “The Elijah Task.”  I discovered this book was about ME.

This School of Prophets and Seers has the purpose of helping to lay a foundation for mentoring and teaching in the prophetic and seer gifts.  I hope you find it helpful and that you will be encouraged to learn much more.

I was asked by the elders of our church to teach a class to train our prophets and prophetesses in the ministry of the prophets and seers.  My goals for the class were (1) present practical teaching with lasting benefits to class participants, (2) allow open interaction between teacher and students and (3) provide teaching outlines and notes for each class.  The class was very well attended for each of five Sunday mornings from 8:30 to 9:40.  We hope you will get these CD’s/DVD’s with teaching outlines and notes and that they will be a blessing to you.

Session 1 — Dimensions of the Prophetic  (Aug 1)
Session 2 — What Is the Spirit of Prophecy? (Aug 8)
Session 3 — How Prophets Help Build the Church! (Aug 15)
Session 4 — Prophetic Protocol and Roundtable (Aug 22)
Session 5 — How Do Prophets Hear From and speak for God (Sep 5)

$25 for all 5 cds
$40 for all 5 dvds
$60 for all cds and dvds

Place your order online now.


Thank you for supporting this ministry in your prayers and financial donations. Go to: for simplified giving options.


Ras Robinson, President
Fullness in Christ Ministries, Inc.
P. O. Box 136117
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Facebook & Twitter:  ras65a


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