When the Holy Spirit Comes in Power

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

A Word from Ras Robinson… September 10, 2010

(The CD’s/DVD’s from my personal School of Prophets and Seers are ready to ship.  Announcement coming on Monday.  You’re gonna get blessed!)

Chuck Pierce’s Glory of Zion Head of the Year Conference began last night with a “must hear” message by Dutch Sheets.  It continues today through Sunday morning.  The speaker line up is excellent.  Worship is anointed and highly charged.  We are attending.  Hope you can join us.  For more information, go to:  www.gloryofzion.org.

Dear Reader,

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you in power, you will surely know it.  Everything is changed from that moment that He visits in His glorious power.  We know from other people to whom this happened spoke in tongues, performed miracles, reached the masses, just to mention a few phenomenal things manifested.

Upon being filled with the Spirit and receiving His visitation upon me, my marriage and family changed dramatically for the good.  My eyes were opened to Scripture like never before.  He changed my employees and transformed our effectiveness and productivity in publishing.  My church was changed.

The Holy Spirit’s power began to be manifested in my life.  Never did I dream that one day I would actually cast out demons and heal the sick.  Before this happened, you could never have convinced me that one day I would be seeing to it that almost 500 poorest of the poor children would be in school and be being taught the Christian life by my hand.  But when the Holy Spirit kept coming upon me over and over, He changed everything for good.

After hearing Dutch Sheets last night share on Awakening and Reformation (You can get the message at:  www.gloryofzion.org), I believe he is right when he announces that the “Third Awakening” has already begun and that this Third Awakening will be accompanies by a massive “Reformation.”  You need to get the message.

Today, the Holy Spirit continues to visit me in power.  I am humbled to be a son of God and a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing Christian.  Somehow, I believe I am making a difference.  The most exciting thing is this.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Sandra says:

    I am thankful for all of the confirmation the Lord is bringing of His mighty move of the Spirit. Your words always encourage and build me up, strengthening my resolve to go the distance through any challenges and opposition encountered as I press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! The Lord always begins a revelation in my life with a “one word” deposit into my heart. Often, after He gives me this “word”, your daily emails and blog postings confirm or build upon what the Lord has given me! I also will dig further into the meaning of the word. The recent words God has given me are “alignment”, “victory”, “dunamis”, “oneness”, “rejuvinate”, “reformation”. I was so blessed in my reading further into the meaning of “reformation” and now in reading your post, it brings more confirmation to how God is moving in my life. How exciting! I would like to share an excerpt from my notes on “reformation”:

    Diorthosis = reformation – the reordering of something that has been shifted from its original position or a straightening of something that has been bent or a mending of something that has been shattered. In the medical, it means the resetting of a broken or shattered bone – in the political, it means the setting up of a new kingdom – in economics, it described the final payment of a debt. Reformation – the restructuring of ALL of man’s life, the STRAIGHTENING of everything WARPED, the restoration of life’s SHATTERED PIECES. The KINGDOM of GOD would bring in a new ORDER of government and make one final payment for man’s indebtedness – HALLELUJAH!


    I am amazed to be a part of HIS REFORMATION that is springing forth even NOW. Go God Go! UNITE our hearts to FEAR your HOLY NAME! I am so thankful for HIM – PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!


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