Apostolic Acceptance

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Wait a minute! What is all this about present-day apostles?

The issue today in apostolic circles seems to be not so much the acceptance of present-day apostles as being legitimate but rather the question is whether the apostles of today themselves will accept one another, in all the differences, as God-ordained and anointed. The future of the body of Christ worldwide may depend upon God’s revelation and apostolic acceptance in this matter.

One could argue that today we have both vertical and horizontal apostles. Examples of the vertical could be the Apostle Paul and the apostle James (half-brother of Jesus). These could be referred to as administrative apostles in that they gave oversight to people, churches and other apostles.

But on the other hand, we could present the case for horizontal apostles like the Apostle John whose sole mission seemed to be to teach and demonstrate the love of Christ. These could be referred to as relational apostles.

Let us look at some apostolic individuals and their circumstances.

The Apostle Paul could well have had difficulty receiving the Apostle Peter. Paul was a well schooled intellectual. He had the best of theological training. His lifestyle was such that he could declare that he was a Jew among Jews, perfect in regard to the law. But he gave it all up in order to follow Jesus as His disciple and Apostle. He was destined by God, through the Holy Spirit, to write most of the letters of the New Testament. Through his recorded words, he has significantly laid the foundations and extension of the body of Christ worldwide.

The Apostle Peter was very different. Peter was raised in a fishing village fishing the Sea of Galilee. He was brush, strong and often emotion driven. Apparently, he received no theological training except that which he received directly from the Christ. And yet Peter is the one to receive the dream and vision with Cornelius for the opening of the gospel to the Gentiles (most of us who today believe in Jesus as our Savior). Remember that it was Peter whom Jesus chose to be the shepherd and pastor of the very first Christian church, in Jerusalem.

BETWEEN THE TWELVE APOSTLES AND THE APOSTLE JAMES (half-brother of Jesus): And yet it was the apostle James, the half-brother of Jesus, who was not among the original twelve Apostles, who was chosen to succeed the Apostle Peter as shepherd and pastor of the new Jerusalem church.

One of the most intriguing characters of the original twelve Apostles was John. John refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved. He was distinguished as the only Apostle who was not martyred. He apparently died of old age and natural causes, surviving, according to tradition, boiling in oil. John was the disciple of love. That was his simple message everywhere he went, even which, at advanced years while being transported to meetings on a gurney.

There is today some talk and buzz about who is really an apostle among apostles today even among those recognized by the Holy Spirit and those who view their work and ministry as present-day apostles. Let it be known that Paul, Peter, James (half-brother of Jesus) and John were all apostles. Each had been given a measure of grace for his gifting by Jesus and raised up by the Holy Spirit.

May I share with you about two apostles in my life personally. The first is the late Earl Kellum of Mexico. He as born and raised in my home state of Mississippi. But he spend over 50 years in Mexico, built over 200 church and related to hundreds of church in Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicauragua and other Latin American countries. Just before he went home to be with the Lord, he had begun to start new churches in America. Earl Kellum opened up the wide-world of hands-on mission to us and introduced some vital principle for mission-oriented ministry. He was our spiritual covering for missions until he passed away.

Another apostle in our lives, who is still living, and shall be unnamed here, was a teaching apostle of healing and loving relationships. He was used of God to lead us into aspects of healing which we had never considered. His great number of books, tapes and video recordings have impacted millions.

How then can we segregate and separate among today’s Spirit raised up and God anointed apostles to the Lord Jesus Christ. A natural tendency among apostles might be to say that the administrative apostles are either the best apostle or at the very least, is to be the one in charge of all the rest. That same tendency might be for the apostles of love and relationships to feel that they are the most important and all the other apostles should be subject to them. May it never be.

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