A Tribute to Kathy Bohlin and Her 480 Children

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A tribute to Kathy Bohlin, an associate to Bev and me since 1977.  She and her brother Jonas Bohlin, now Senior Pastor or our church, have a deep commitment to children and youth around the world.

Kathryn (Kathy) Bohlin faithfully, ably and with great love oversees the ministry of FCM’s ministry to the poorest of the poor children and their pastors.  Her compassion daily overflows on their behalf.  They could not have a better champion on their side!Pray for her as she daily advocates for the great missions work of now sending 480 children to school for the first time. She also oversees the pastors who lead and guide these children.  We share the same goal of one day soon reaching 1,000 children.  Will you believe and dream with us?  This would be a chance for you, your church or your business to do something really big for God.  Would you please pray about it?
—————————————————–Some Children Waited for Two Years – Hoping, Praying….

Several weeks ago we told about a group of children living under the bridge who needed sponsors if they were to go to school this year.  We were already sponsoring many children in that location, but it was estimated that there were still about 15 kids who could not go to school unless they had help.  We were so excited when someone called and said they wanted to sponsor all 15 of them!!  God is so good.  Some of the children had been waiting and hoping and praying for two years, hoping they would be sponsored.  Now they are and they are very happy.

Here is a report from the pastor with pictures and notes about some of those children. 

Good day Sister Kathy.

Thank you for the NEW SET of sponsored kids. The kids and their families are very happy and thankful for the opportunity. They believe that this is a “once in a lifetime chance” for them and they will really grab and treasure this forever. They want to give a huge hug to their sponsors. They want to thank their sponsors personally. They want to show the respect, love, and gratitude for the kindness and love that their sponsors are showing them.  The 15 new kids are busy. We can see that they are very excited in experiencing new things in the school. They are doing their projects, assignments, examinations, and other school activities with great excitement. They want their sponsors to know that their efforts will never be wasted.

Jhando, age 7. Wants to be a policeman.  Jhando knows that without the help of the Almighty, he will never be in school. Without the love of Christ, he will never enjoy life. He will never know the true meaning of joy! Because of your compassionate hearts, he is enjoying education. We thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by God as His tool in spreading His love for the children.

Jason, age 11.  Wants to be a policeman.   Lives with grandmother and 5 siblings.  He is the oldest of the children and does the cooking for the family.  Jason’s father died and his mother has a new family. He stays with his grandmother and the grandmother is very thankful for the support for her grandson. We could picture that Jason’s life is really hard but he has a positive outlook. He knows that God will never forsake or leave their family.

Maricelda, age 17.  Wants to be a teacher.  Had to quit school after elementary because her family had no money to send her to school. Now she can go because she has been sponsored.  Maricelda desires to thank the sponsors and the Fullness Ministry for giving her the chance to enjoy the blessing of education.  She promised that she will do her best. She promised that she will protect this blessing. She is a generous kid and God will do great things to the life of Maricelda.

Janet, age 16. Wants to be a nurse.  Janet jumped for joy because of God’s blessing.  She waited for 2 years before being included in the sponsored list. She wants to be in school and she is now.  And that is because of your generosity. This is the best feeling of being a member in the ministry of God. We get to see how God changes the lives of the people. 

Juvy, age 9. Wants to be a nurse.  Juvy also waited for the sponsorship for 2 years. She wants to be a part of the Fullness Ministry.  Every time there is a gathering, she always participates, anticipating that her name will be called and she will be sponsored.  With God’s love, Juvy is now in the sponsored list and she is very thankful to the sponsors and to God.

Most sponsors of our children are only able to sponsor 1 or 2 children. We are so very grateful for them.  They are by far most of the sponsors of the children.  But there are a few individuals, churches and businesses who sponsor 10, 12 or 15 children. We even have one family that sponsors 24 children!  Maybe your family or business or church would like to sponsor a group of children and make a lot of kids really happy.  Maybe God will use you to answer the prayers of a child.

To sponsor a child is $30 a month or $360 for the year.  Whether God leads you to sponsor one child or several children, there is a child waiting for your response.  If you are interested, go to Sponsor A Child.

Maybe you do not feel you can sponsor a child or a group of children, but you wish to help with ministry to them, you can give a gift online at Ministry to Children or Feed Hungry Children.



Check out these two short videos of some of our children in Philippines:

Video – Ministry to Children in Philippines

 Video – Visit to Dumpsite in Philippines

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