First Time

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello Friend,

This is my first blush at blogging on WordPress.  I welcome your input on anything I post here.  It would be good to have your good and intelligent interaction.  Thanks for reading the following.

You need to know that our ministry, Fullness in Christ Ministries, Inc., has as a primary ministry two strategies for transformation, both given by the Lord in 2001:

1.  A very brief and daily prophetic and encouraging word, “What the Lord Is Saying Today.”  My wife Bev and I each write daily.  Also, we continually give updates on the rest of our ministries.  The post is FREE and presently has over 22,000 subscribers in more than 50 nations.  This ministry began with only me writing on January 6, 2001.  Bev joined me in November, 2007.  You can receive your own personal FREE subscription at:

2. We sponsor in the Philippine Islands, educate and give Christian training to 480 poorest of the poor children and have 25 pastors overseeing for these children on four different islands in the Philippines.  These children are all living on city dumpsites, under bridges and on city streets.  Our pastors carry a heavy load caring for these children.  We provide tuition (it is not free in the Philippines), books, school supplies, backpacks, fees and needed transportation.  Many of the children are malrourished.  We help each family with food as resources allow.  We call our ministry “Feeding Hungry Children – body, soul and spirit.”  You can see the children and learn how you can help at:

Thank you for taking time to read and hopefully to respond.  My email is:  info@fullnessnetwork; website:; Twitter and FaceBook:  ras65a 

Ras Robinson, President
Fullness in Christ Ministries, Inc.
P. O. 136117
Fort Worth, TX 76136
Website:, sponsor a child, make a donation, buy our new book
Twitter & FaceBook:  ras65a

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